This weeks Superman pick-up 😍

Now I’m not going to post my whole collection on here all at once… of course.

But I’m going to share what I get each week, sometimes my favourite items and anything else Superman related.

Now firstly I went to Smyths Toy Store and got a little carried away! There were lots on sale and not at bad prices too! When I went to pay the lady said “Ahh your son is gonna love these”. Little did she know they were actually for me and never going to be opened!

Item no 1: Superman 19inch figure from Batman Vs Superman.

Item no 2: Hot Wheels Batman Vs Superman – Superman & Metropolis PD Vehicle

Item no 3: Hot Wheels – Batman Vs Superman – Superman Racing Car 4/7

eBay will most definitely be the death of me. I’m always looking for Superman items on there even at times when I have no money, if I see something I want, something I like and something cheap and cheerful. I HAVE to get it!

For example:

This AWESOME Man of Steel Command Key Pen. It’s hard to see the detailing but it’s beautiful! Also comes in a collectible Man of Steel box. Anyone uses this… they’re in trouble!

Aaaaand taking it back to the 90s.

The Adventures of Superman on BBC radio 1 Cassette, in perfect condition.

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