26.3.17 Superman pick up

Another week means only one thing…. more Superman stuff!!! 😂

Now there’s quite a lot to get through this week so brace yourselves!

1. Glow In The Dark Batman Vs Superman Funko Pops.

I am absolutely obsessed with Funkos at the moment! Just trying to get every possible Superman ones but some of them are so damn expensive! I always look on eBay for the different ones. You always get someone who doesn’t realise what they’re selling! 

2. DC Comics Graphic Novel Collection – One Million Part 1

Like lots of my fellow geeks I have a subscription to Eaglemoss Collections, only for the DC Graphic Novel Collection though. 

I love coming home to a new delivery and for £21 per month I get two of these – one every fortnight. 

3. Justice League Storage Tins

My mum still spoils me at the grand age of 23…

And you don’t just get one, you also get Batman, Green Lantern and Wonder Woman tins… of course Supermans is the biggest 😏

4. Action Comics Superman Notepad 

Another gift… and another notepad never to be used! 

5. Superman Sunglasses 

These are definitely for adults….

I got these from Primark for just £2. I was actually shopping for my godsons birthday present, I saw these and I just couldn’t resist! 

6. Man of Steel Canadian Stamps

These came in a set of 6, from eBay for just £1.59! All the way from Canada, they have been used but they are still in incredible condition.

I love how they’ve shown Superman through the years – Old and new. Stamps are always collectible and mostly valuable after time, I’ll be sure to keep this in the same condition I got them in!

7. Superman Iron on Patch

My little cousin gave me this. I love how my family and friends think of me when they see little things like this. So thoughtful ❤️

8. Man of Steel Real 3D Glasses 

It was so hard to get a decent picture to showcase these babies! So I reverted back to the advertisement picture. 

But the picture really doesn’t do them justice (see what I did there)….

They are incredible, the plastic frame is printed with the embellishments of the Man of Steel suit. Even the glasses bag they come in have a cape attached! So cool!

This is probably my favourite purchase of last week and from eBay for £10.00! 

Has anyone else bought any SUPER items this week?

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