Make your own pre-workout protein pots šŸ˜‹

Like I mentioned before I had a bad experience with pre-workout. 

I bought some from a friend and took the dosage that was on the container, after they told me to take only half for my first go. I felt fine to begin with, I didn’t think it was working. Next my hands started tingling, then it spread to my upper body and then all over, I felt like I needed to get up and go, which is normal I guessed. At this point I just sat in the middle of the room not sure what to do with myself. I went to the gym to try and burn off the tingling and adrenaline and I only lasted fifteen minutes. I started feeling sick and then I was sick, to the point where I just needed to lie in bed. The sickness feeling lasted the whole day, and there was nothing I could do about other than drink lots of water to try and get it out of my system. And now every time I taste or smell anything similar to it, it makes me gag.

So I had to find another source of pre-workout. Now I do have my supplements which help a lot! And I could always have a banana, but that’s boring! Especially when you gym it up 3-4 days per week.

Make your own! 

I started mixing my Protein powers with 0% fat Greek Yoghurt and adding bits of fruit and toppings to keep it interesting. 

For each pot I used two large dollops of Greek yogurt, and half a scoop of protein powder – so 15g – which gives you between 10-11 grams of protein per pot! At first I used a full one but you get powdery bits left after stirring… not nice! It’s good to have more than one flavour of protein powder so you can mix it up a little bit! Then you can pick whatever toppings you like, pretty much everything and anything will go! Of course as long as it’s healthy! Here are some I’ve tried and tested! 

Chocolate Protein Yoghurt with Pomegranate and Dried Mango 

Chocolate Mint Protein Yoghurt with Banana and Granola 

Chocolate Protein Yoghurt with Dark Chocolate and Almond 

Chocolate Mint Protein Yoghurt with Strawberries and Granola 

This way I know exactly what I’m putting into my body and I know I’m not going to have some crazy reaction to it! With 10 grams of protein and each pot under 250 calories, it’s a perfect pre-gym snack. 

Give it a try and show me your very own protein pots!

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