Abs and Obliques Day – Workout Plan

I try to train each muscle group at least once a week. I have four exercise plans for four muscle groups, I usually tend to go to the gym 3-4 times per week. But if it’s more I just do extra cardio.

Each day I do 20 minutes of cardio, I try to switch it up a bit, but my favourite is the cross trainer. And then probably the exercise bike. But whatever floats your boat.

Then I move onto body weight and strength training. I do 4 sets of 12 repetitions of each of the below exercises. I differ in weight starting with something I can handle and then moving onto something that I struggle to do all of the reps with.


Deadlifts are actually my favourite and although it’s mostly your legs and flutes that you use. You also use your lower back, core and abdominal muscles a hell of a lot to lift the barbell to the standing position.

I tend to start with 25kg for the first set, then boost up as I go along, usually up to 35kg (at the moment….).

Dumbbell Side Reach

Another one of my favourites! So effective and you always feel it no matter how much weight you use.

Dumbbell Side ReachI tend to stick with 10kg for each set, although your not burned out while working out. You definitely feel it the next day so beware!

Toe Touch and Leg Drops
I don’t tend to use any weights for this, it’s more of a filler for me in between the weighted exercises that I do. It combines two core exercises into one making it twice as effective!

Toe Touch and Leg Drops

Side Rotations – With Machine

This is another very effective exercise for the obliques. Another burner. I do 12 reps per set on each side of the waist. I start st 10kg and then go up to 15kg. Although it’s light weight it sure makes a difference!

Side Rotations - Machine
Vertical Knee Raises

Definitely my favourite ab exercise… hurts like hell. Again I don’t use weights for this but you can defiantly add some to make it more effective. For me body weight is enough! Vertical Knee Raises

It may not look much. But just look at the muscles it works! Almost everything to do with abs and core!

30 Second Planks

Starting to repeat myself now…. but this is another effective exercise. I can’t stress it enough! I should do more of these but for now I do 30 second stints four times.

Plank Dips 
Then once I’ve done those 30 second stints I do plank dips in between just to break it up a little. It definitely adds an extra burn at the end!

Plank Dips
Give them a try!

Next up: Arms and Back Day

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