Back and Upper Body Workout 💪🏾

Now for the second instalment of my workout routine 👊🏾

For the first 20 minutes of the workout I start with cardio on the cross trainer to get my muscles working and warming up. Then I pick around 5 or 6 of the below workouts and do 4 sets of 12 repetitions or more if I’m feeling up to it. 

Dumbbell Side Raises

These are amazing for working both of your obliques as well as your arms. And if you keep your core tight it also gives your arms a workout!

Front Dumbbell Raise

This is a great workout for gaining and maintaining shoulder definition. I tend to go for around 6kg on these and also the side raises, not too heavy but enough to give you a burn.

Side Planks

Again great for shoulders, but this workout also works your upper back and balance too. It also works your obliques, try to use them to keep from swaying! There are different levels of this workout, I tend to go for level 2 (see below) for 30 seconds each side, but I’m hoping to get to level 3 without difficulty soon! 

Dumbbell Tricep Extentions

Clues in the name… these are great for your triceps… who would have thought? You can also get an extra burn around your abs if you strengthen your core whilst doing it. Again I tend to do 6kg for each rep, not too much but it burns. 

Lateral Pulldowns

Great for your upper back but also biceps and core, especially if you use your core to stabilise you. 

Bent Over Row

One of my favourite exercises for this muscle group! These work you biceps, your back and your obliques all in one. I tend to go a bit heavier on these and do 10kg per rep.

Chest Press

This is one of the few chest exercises I do (also the front dumbbell raises work them) but I hear it’s good for perkier boobs 😏 

Cable Rows

And last but definitely not least… my favourite exercise! These literally work everything do you have the right technique and posture! I go for 25kg on the cable for these! 

Well, that’s my back and upper body workout with a bit of added core…. give them a try and let me know what you think! Is there anything you’d add? Let me know! 

Next up: Glutes Day 🍑

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