Glutes Day 🍑

This is routine #3 of my weekly workouts! The all important GLUTES day! Now I do also follow this routine with legs day (routine #4) to target every possible muscle in the legs.

First off I warm up my leg muscles by doing around 15-20 minutes of cardio on the cross trainer. Then I go into the strength and weight training!


Squats are probably the single most effective exercises. Period. Not only does it build and tone your glutes muscle, it also affects most muscles in your legs and also activates your core and back muscles. Be sure to perfect your form for the exercise before piling on the weights. 

I tend to go for 2 sets of 12 repetitions with just a 20kg bar, and then into 4 sets of 12 with added weights. I tend to do it gradually and get to around 50kg, sometimes 55kg if I’m having a good day. I’m working to build this up week by week to get to a new personal best. 

Resistance Bands – Donkey Kick

Resistance bands are amazing for making any workout more intense and effective. I got mine from for around £5.00, so it’s definitely worth the investment.

This exercise works your calves, hamstrings and your glutes like crazy. Basically for every exercise I do 4 sets of 12 reps on each side. But on this I do vary the band flexibility to make the workout harder, starting with the lightest.

Resistance Bands – Straight Legged Donkey Kick

Now imagine the above exercise but coming down to your elbows, in more of a plank position, and doing the same with a straight pointed leg. Trust me you’ll feel the intensity. 

One Legged Angled Balance Bridges

Don’t quote me on the title…. but this is what I like to call them. I essentially do the above image but with one leg each time. Because your trying to balance you seriously activate the muscles, then as you drop down, because of the increase in angle you really feel the burn in your glutes. Be careful with your lower back though, if it starts to become uncomfortable whilst exercising, stop and take a break.

Weighted Reverse Lunge

Again another core activator! But also be sure to watch your form, do not allow your knee to go over your ankle. Be careful where you put the leg that goes behind. You’ll definitely know when your form isn’t right, your body will tell you – you’ll feel discomfort in your knees. I tend to go for 8kg dumbbells in each hand when doing this.

Good Mornings

This exercise isn’t difficult at all! But it’s effective. Make sure you pick a barbell weight that you can lift over your head to avoid injury. I tend to go for up to 20kg, light I know. But I go to the gym alone and I wouldn’t feel comfortable in lifting much heavier than that overhead alone, unless of course it’s from a squat machine. 

Next up: Leg Day 

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