Leg Day Workout 💪🏾

My final workout of the week…. LEG DAY. I try to save this until later in the week simply because it completely MESSES up my legs for a good few days. Which of course is good after a workout! If your muscles are sore, it means it counted.

Deadlifts are definitely my favourite from this workout! I start off with around 25-30kg to start with. Doing 12 reps for each of the four sets. After one or two of those (depending on how I’m feeling on the day) I’ll go up to 40-45kg and onwards. Although it’s a leg day workout it also works your lower back strength, core strength and arms too.

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One Legged Deadlift

Similar to the above exercise, I tend to do these with 10kg kettlebells, but you can also use dumbbells or barbells if you like. Although it does the work the same muscles – and you won’t be able to lift anywhere near as heavy as you would with a normal deadlift – this variation tends to focus on balance. It can really strain your legs, so be careful and make sure you check your form. I also find with this that you squeeze your muscles tighter (especially glutes) to try and maintain your balance, and you feel it like hell the next day too!

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Leg Extension

I used to hate this exercise, mostly because I was useless at it. I still can’t do to much weight at the moment if i’m honest, but I’m working my way up to it. At the moment I start off with 10kg and work up to 15kg, sometimes 20kg if i’m feeling really brave. Usually I don’t feel much of a burn until the next day, but this will have your legs like jelly and you WILL need to hold the banister on the stairs.


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Leg Press

Another great exercise for your legs! It attacks the same muscles as a squat, but I find it is much safer for me to do heavier weights with this exercise. With a squat, I will do around 45-50k maximum – this is because I train alone and don’t yet feel comfortable doing more, I’m scared I’ll fall over or something. But I’m slowly working my way up. With a leg press I can do around 70-80kg. Make sure your feet are parallel on the pads, and for an extra burn around the glutes adjust the seat to the lowest setting you find comfortable.

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Calf Raise

I love doing this, it’s a quick exercise and I think quite fun. My quads are considerably bigger than my calves, so I do sometimes try and fit this in more than once a week, just to build that muscle. I start off at around 20kg and then to 25kg.

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Aaaand that’s leg day! Not too many exercises, but trust me, you will have jelly legs by the end of it! Especially if you pump the weight up!

This combined with all of the other muscle group days I do, is my weekly workout programme. With a bit of added cardio and Yoga. See links to other workouts below;

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Give it a go and let me know what you think!


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