How Yoga got me out of my exercise rut.

For the average person, I tend to go to the gym quite regularly. Now that I was in that routine, I got stuck in a bit of a rut. I was still seeing small glimpses of progress, but I was finding that I got bored of just doing the same activity after work and during lunch breaks. I needed a bit of motivation or an extra push to start seeing real progress again.

I’ve always been one to want to try something new – always. But I never actually got around to it, sometimes I was shy and didn’t feel comfortable, sometimes it was down to money, and sometimes I just couldn’t find anyone who would come with me.

I think it’s safe to say that everyone has at least heard of Yoga, maybe not necessarily done it before, but definately heard of it, and of course… it’s benefits.

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I’m was in luck! Each week my work colleagues (or some of them) would go along to yoga during their lunch break for a 45 minute to an hour session. Our boss pays for weekly private session only for us. But generally yoga classes aren’t expensive. They usually do them a part of the class timetable at the gym, which are likely to be included in your member rate. I always said “no” when my colleague asked if I want to join them. Then one day, I just said YES. And I am so glad I did!

I started going around 7 weeks ago – bearing in mind I had never done it before and I’m one of the least flexible people in the world! Yeah I was nervous, but going with colleagues that I get along well with and aren’t exactly pro’s either – it was great fun! It’s quite slow paced, which is good! It takes your mind off everything you have to do for the rest of the day and week, and you can really feel your muscles stretching. I now go every week that I am in the office and I even sometimes do a little bit at home when I get a quiet half an hour. I find the best Youtube account for Yoga is Yoga TX with Cole Chance, but I’m sure you will all have your own favourites.

It doesn’t burn off many calories due to the pace, but it builds your strength, balance and helps stretch your muscles. Stretching is an important part of muscle repair – and I admit, I do not stretch anywhere near as much as I should, so this is definately a start for me. It’s also a fun way of doing it.

According to The Yoga Journal there are 38 benefits of doing Yoga, see their article here. But for me the stand out benefits from this list are;

  • Flexibility improvement
  • Build muscle strength
  • Improves posture
  • Protects your spine and blood flow
  • Lowers your blood pressure
  • Increases focus and balance
  • Boosts your immune system

The above benefits are also the reason it goes hand in hand with weight training. Especially improving flexibility allows your to reach those really deep muscles which you would usually struggle to work. And improving posture and balance will help to improve your form when performing exercises.

Personally for me…

Since doing Yoga, I’m hooked! I’m always gutted when I can’t make the session at work, or find the time at home. When I’m aching from the gym, its a great way for me to do a little bit of exercise work on a rest day. I’ve noticed a great difference already in my balance and body strength – now don’t get me wrong I still have a LOOOONG way to go – but I’m getting somewhere. My flexibility has increased, only slightly but it is noticeable. I’ve also seen a difference in my body and progress – especially around the core, arms and waistline. For me it has given me a little bit of an extra workout, enjoyable of course.

For anyone who is thinking about it, or looking for something extra to boost their workout routine a little more or even get it started. I would really recommend doing it. There are literally no disadvantages of doing it – other than you may ache the following day… but that’s all part of the fun right?

Take my advice.


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  1. I love Yoga! I learnt it in India from this fantastic man who doesn’t charge a penny for his time and teaches it as part of his service to the society. So that experience by itself of meeting a selfless human was special. And he taught me so well. I am not as regular as I would like to be, but on the day that I do end up doing Yoga, I feel fresh, more energetic and happier.

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