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Superman Collection Additions: 17th Oct 2017

As you will be able to see… Recently, I’ve become a little obsessed with comics in particular. Due to my new app… CLZ Comics, I can finally see what comics I have and what comics I need.

It’s great too because these also add up towards my collection, which is ever-increasing.

1-15 – Superman: The World of New Krypton – Issues 1-12 

I got this at such a steal! £10.99 on ebay for the lot, THE WHOLE SET, including three variant covers. Finally! A set of comics! They’re all in perfect condition and came bagged and boarded (BONUS).

16-19 – Superman: The Man of Steel – Issues 39, 7, 47 and 42

Now these come with their own story. I’ve started going to car boot sales, and came across a man who had folders full that he was selling there. I got talking to him and we’ve exchanged email addresses. He has a collection at home over 10,000 comics strong. Now I thought I had a lot of comics…. He has dug out the ones that he wants to keep and is selling the rest off (most at £1.00 each)! Luckily for me, he is a Daredevil fan and is selling a lot of his DC Comic collection. So a majority of the comics you will see from now on, are likely to be from him!

20 & 21 – Superman/Batman – Issue 50 and Superman in Action Comics – Issue 974

Only one of these were form the ‘car boot guy’, the other from my Forbidden Planet comic subscription.

22 – Superman: The Man of Steel – Issue 0

Another from the CBG (car boot guy). I love this run of comics, I have to say its one of few I can finally start to read through without having too many collection gaps ha!

23 – Superman: The Man of Steel – Issue 48


24 – Superman: The Man of Steel – Issue 5 

25-29 - Superman: The Man of Steel - Issue 4, 3, 29, 44, 43

Some of the above comics are included in the picture here. Another swag from CBG

30 - DC Comics Icons: Superman Action Figure 

I love this! In my collection there is one thing I am lacking and that's figurines. And I love that there is a mini Kelex in here!

31-33 - Superman: Mon-El Graphic Novel, and Superman Chronicles 4 & 7

These were all from Forbidden Planet in London! What a great place! When I went there luckily there was a sale on so I took full advantage of all of that. I got £35.00 work of comics for £5.98 basically, all sale items were three for two. Also, I didn't even know Superman Chronicles had ever existed and it seems like my best bet at being able to read through the original Superman Vol 1 comics. Lets face it, I'll never own the early originals...

34 - Superman Cap

This is definitely not for children..........

35 - Superman Satchel

This was also from a car boot but a different guy.... Can you believe this was only £1.00?! If you don't go to car boots, you are seriously missing out.

36 - Superman Stickers

I definitely did not buy two of these so I could use one pack......

37 - Jor-El Action Figure

I loved this, so I had to buy it. After doing a bit of research it seems like this is out of a Superman Returns action figure set. In good condition, few scrapes here and there, but otherwise good condition overall.

38 - Funko Pop: Justice League - Superman

What a landing pose! I LOVE Funko's and this is one of my favourites!

39-46 - Smallville Box Sets

I managed to get seven of these for £15.00, all in working order. I've never actually watched Smallville and every Superman fan that I tell that too gets shocked! I will catch up soon, I promise.

47 - Superman Overnight Bag

This bag is amazing, even the inside has thousands of tiny Superman symbols.

48 - Schleich Superman & Dark Seid Action Figures

The detailing on this is unreal considering how small they are. I'd say each figure is just over 10cm. This was from B&M for just £4.99, everytime I have seen it elsewhere its between £7-£9.

50-52 - Superman Vol 4 - Issue 28 & 29, and Superman in Action Comics - Issue 985.

This haul brings my count to 1,124 individual items.

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    1. Thank you! Yes! Never see any Kelex stuff! I’ll be honest, I haven’t watched Supergirl just yet, so i’ll wait and see.

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