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Superman Collection Additions: 29th Oct 2017

It’s that time again…

1 – Superman Colouring Posters

These are fairly common, this one bought from a comic store called Monkee Business, in Worcester. If only I had a bunch of felt tips to get started with…

2 – Action Comics Vol 1, Issue 649

As I mentioned in my previous post, I’ve gone a little crazy on the comic-scene. Issues 600-700 are fairly common and easy to get, with reasonable prices too. I picked this one up for £1.00 from a car boot sale, however on EBay the price varies from £2-£5. This story and artwork in this one is by George Perez, released in Dec 1989 featuring the one and only Brainiac!

3- Action Comics, Vol 1 – Issue 650

Released Feb 1990, this comic is still older than me, and it great condition. I paid £1.00 for this and it’s current value is at £4.00, it can only go up from there!

4 – Action Comics, Vol 1 – Issue 651

I always say this, but I love the drawing and detail that goes into the 70s-90s comics in particular George Perez’ covers! Another I bought for £1 at a car boot. This comic usually reaches the £3.00 mark on EBay.

5 – Action Comics, Vol 1 –  Issue 655

A 90’s comic but without the 90’s comic colors… Another one that was bought for £1.00.

6 – Action Comics, Vol 1 – Issue 654

Featuring Batman and a T-Rex… This issue of Action Comics has to be interesting! Part 3 of a 3 part series, current value at around £3.00.

7- Action Comics, Vol 1 – Issue 653

From May 1990 – three years before I was born. Still in great condition and current value at £3.00. Still fairly easy to get a hold of a copy in good condition.

8 – Action Comics, Vol 1 – Issue 652

Current value at £4.00+, the comic is in great condition and not bad going for £1.00 again. I have a fair few runs of issues and I just need to fill in the gaps now!

9 – Action Comics, Vol 1 – Issue 656

Another comic in great condition. I can’t give too much of a description as I haven’t got round to reading these just yet! I have a lot to go through!

10 – Action Comics, Vol 1 – Issue 657

The cover of this makes me laugh! Troublesome toys, terrorising kids! Another comic for £1.00, currently value at £3.00.

11 – Action Comics, Vol 1 – Issue 658

Sinbad’s Sacrifice!

12 – Action Comics, Vol 1 – Issue 659

I think it’s safe to say – the metal supersuit looks BADASS.

13 – Action Comics, Vol 1- Issue 660

The death of Lex Luthor.

14 – Superman: The Man of Steel – Issue 6

From 1991, I love the detailing on this – Giving the Man of Steel a raunchy side… Superman’s married life in the pre-historic times!

15 – Superman: The Man of Steel Annual 1996 – Issue 5

Who knew! A blonde Superman!

16 – DC Comics Presents: Superman & The Unknown Solider – Issue 42

The DC Comics Presents series is one of my favourites for retro artwork and bright colours. Unfortunately for me this is one of the more common issues of the series and is only worth around £4-£5.

17 – All Star Superman – Issue 1

I have heard nothing but great reviews for this comic series – I now have the first half, now time to get the second half so I can start reading! I love the artwork too, not as cartoonist as other comic series and I love that.

18-20 – Superman Returns Bronze Collectible Pin Badges 

There are 6 to collect, I only have three of them – but the three best ones. I’d never seen these before, so now its time to hunt down the rest! I got these from a second hand sales app called “Depop” for £3.00 including postage.

21 – Funko Pop 07 –  Superman PX Previews Exclusive

We all know I’m a sucker for a Funko Pop… Now, I have the original 07 pop, but this one is slightly different. Same hairstyle, same pose, but different suit! I got this for £15.00, but it took me a while to find an unopened one on EBay for less than £40.00!

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