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Superman Collection Additions: 27.11.17

As mentioned before I’m starting to get really into collecting comics. I am determined to get a full set of at least one series! FYI it isn’t looking good right now…

As well as this I’m also starting to get into doing a little more research on my Superman items. Just so I have more sense of how much it is worth and also it’s rarity. For the comics that I find are worth more than others, I’m going to start getting them graded and mounted to preserve its value and condition.

1 – Superman Vol 1 – Issue 366

Superman Vol 1 is the top of my wish list, just look at the covers! From December 1981, the condition of this is incredible. It features Superman (of course!) with Supergirl supporting. It also includes a short story – “Perry White’s Superboy Scoop!”. On eBay these are going for between £3.00 and £9.00, of course depending on the condition.

2 – Superman: The Man of Steel – 1992 Annual Issue 1

I have a feeling that this will be my first full run of a series. I almost have all of the Man of Steel Annual comics. Essentially this comic is Superman Vs Eclipso. From 1992, again in great condition. Originally selling for £1.00 on its release date, this comic will now get up to £6.99 on eBay.

3- Superman Funko Pop – New 52 Suit PX Previews Exclusive

I love these and I’m one step closer to having all of the Superman ones… still a fair few to go though! Most sites which specialise in the Funko collections suggest that this one is worth around £20.00-40.00, but if you head over to Amazon, you can get these for £8.95! You are welcome.

4 – Superman 7″ Record – The Mxyztplk-Up Menace

I can’t find out too much about this, the one that I can is a slightly different variation. I know that it is from 1975, and explores the story of when and how Mr Mxyztplk removed all of the vowels from the world and its Supes’ job to sort his mess out. I got it on eBay for £7.99 LUCKILY, but the other listings are currently at around £20.00-£30.00. It’s in great condition, the only slight damage is on the corners of the record sleeve.

5 – Labbit Superman

Do you have any idea what this is? Nope, well neither did I! It was a gift from my mum and not even she knew what it was, but she said it was surprisingly expensive! I looked into them and they are just vinyl figures made by an artist who specialises in Rabbits… Can you tell?

6 – Superman Vol 1 – Issue 318

Again, look at the artwork! Superman Vol 1 is another one of my favourite series, simply for the covers! From December 1978, it’s still in great condition! I bought this for around £4.00 on EBay, but according to comic valuer books, it’s currently worth £10.00.

7 – Action Comics, Vol 1 – Issue 668

Another awesomely colourful cover! Lex Luthor, at it again from beyond the grave!

8 – Superman Vol 1 – Issue 308

Another comic worth around £10.00 and bought for £4.00.

9 – Superman: The Man of Steel – Issue 13

Poor Supes! Bound to a rocket and set out into space!

10 – Superman Vol 1 – Issue 295

Unfortunately it has a 10p stamp on it which does affect the value of a comic, but at least it shows how much people USED to pay for comics! Now they are around £3-£4 each! This one is from 1976 and is still in great condition. Another from EBay (my savior) and is now worth around £16.00.

11 – Action Comics, Vol 1 – Issue 519

Great condition!

12 – Action Comics, Vol 1 – Issue 495

An attack on Smallville! From May 1979, this comic is now worth around £7.00.

13 – Superman: The Man of Steel Annual – Issue 3

From 1994, this comic is one year younger than me! Still in great condition!

14 – Superman: The Man of Steel – Issue 11


15 – Superman Vol 1, Issue 332

This ones a little tatty around the edges, but still a great find on Ebay! Worth around £10.00 if in good condition, so this is worth around £7.

16 – Action Comics, Vol 1 – Issue 525

17 – DC Comics Presents: Superman and The Flash – Issue 38

In excellent condition, I picked this up from a car boot for £3.00. It is a common issue of the series and is currently valued at £7.00.

18 – Action Comics, Vol 1 – Issue 524

From October 1981, this comic is still in a fairly good condition and is currently valued at around £5.00.

19 – DC Comics Presents: Superman and Sgt Rock – Issue 10

I cannot wait to start reading the stories behind these characters, but I need to get a few more in the series before I can do that! Again from 1981, this comic is worth an estimated £12.00

20 – Superman: The Man of Steel – Issue 40

Superman: Dead again!

21 – Action Comics, Vol 1 – Issue 643

In excellent condition and channeling the Superman Issue 1 cover design! The comic is worth an estimated £6.00.

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    1. I used to watch it with my grandad and picked up a few things here and there. Now it’s out of hand haha!

        1. Yeah, that’s what got me so into it. Yeah mostly superman but I also have the odd Wonder Woman item too!

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