My Geek Want List – December

As a new feature to my blog, each month I am going to be sharing my geek want list, which is a list of my favourite geeky items on the internet! Bringing you the newest, coolest and uniquest items which are perfect for a “treat yo’self” occasion, but also for gifts for your geeky family and/or friends.

I wanted to do this, because I’m always looking online for new things to buy or add to my collection, so I thought I might as well share them with you too! And with Christmas just around the corner, it seemed the perfect opportunity to kick off the brand new feature titled my geek want list. Simply click the image of the item for a direct link to the product.

Star Wars Tattoo Print Tote Bag

First up, we have this incredibly detailed geek-chic tote bag by Lounge Fly. This handbag would be perfect for the Star Wars fan-girls in your life, and not to mention it comes with plenty of free tattoo inspiration! I want them all!

Star Wars Tattoo Characters Tote Bag from Loungefly
Star Wars Tattoo Print Tote Bag

Young Groot (Life Size) Vinyl Figureย 

If you are or know of any Funko Pop Collectors or Guardians of The Galaxy fans, this is the ultimate addition to any collection. Not only is it a Baby Groot Funko, it’s LIFE-SIZED! With standard Pop’s having a length of around 4 inches, this 10 inch pop will really draw the eye!

2 - Young Groot (Life Size) Vinyl Figure 202
Young Groot (Life Size) Vinyl Figure

Captain America Dressing Gown by Her Universe

This suitably subtle dressing gown is perfect for any Marvel fan. It’s geeky, but cute with a slightly cropped length and grey-scale design.

Captain America Dressing Gown by Her Universe
Captain America Dressing Gown by Her Universe

Star Wars: Porg Sculpted Mugย 

With the latest edition to the Star Wars movie franchise fast approaching, this mug is very-well timed. Plus, look at how cute the Porg is! I think I may have a new favourite Star Wars critter!

Star Wars: The Last Jedi Porg Sculpted Mug,
Star Wars: Porg Sculpted Mug

Limited Edition Wonder Woman, Justice League New Era Fitted Cap

There isn’t much to say about this cap other than just look at the detailing! It even has the lasso of truth wrapped around the cap! One of the cool things about it too is the product description, although very misleading to gullible people… “Protects against mortar fire and the horns of a Minotaur”.

Wonder Woman Justice League Armor 59Fifty Fitted Hat
Limited Edition Wonder Woman, Justice League New Era Fitted Cap

Batman Sidekick Cross-Body Bagย 

This bag is just so damn cool! I love it, it’s the perfect balance between geek and glamour. It’s also subtle enough that you can wear it out anywhere!

Adam West Batman Sidekick Cross-Body Bag
Batman Sidekick Cross-Body Bag

Hatching Velociraptor Candleย 

As a huge fan of the Jurassic Park franchise, it’s safe to say, I NEED ONE OF THESE! What an excellent idea! As you let the candle burn, a cute baby Raptor pops out, amazing.

Hatching Velociraptor Candle
Hatching Velociraptor Candle

Superman Returns Pen Cup

Last but not least, this incredible pen cup! Now, do not mistake this for a mug, it’s essentially a pen holder/desk tidy, but man look at the details! Made by The Noble Collection – one of my favourite collectible manufacturers – this is perfect for any Superman fan!

Superman Returns Pen Cup
Superman Returns Pen Cup

The latest installment of my geek want list is here! Click here to see what’s on the top of my January list!

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  1. I want that Batman Bag!! AHHHH! I’m legit screaming because that seriously looks stunning and cool and just…perfect <3 <3 Loved this post ๐Ÿ˜€

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