About Me



I’m an Event Registration Manager by day… Fitness enthusiast at night and a Superman fanatic all day round!

I decided to write a blog because like many other people on their own fitness journeys… I struggle to keep track of what I’m doing  and recognize my results and sometimes downfalls. This blog is for me to be able to do just that, whilst hopefully motivating  and helping others by sharing my tips and personal experiences along the way.

Now, when I mention that I’m a Superman fanatic and also that I’m going to combine fitness with nerdiness, I wasn’t kidding.

I have an HUGE Superman collection, which I share quite a lot on Instagram, but… like my fitness… it is hard to keep track of! I collect everything and anything Superman, and refuse to open or use anything unless I have it twice.

Sad right, but I love it, It’something that makes me happy, It’s something I’m passionate about.

I love being a SUPER nerd.

Tasmin x