James Gunn Teases Brightburn Sequel

Brightburn was a great film I thought. It was an unusual horrifying twist on an already known and established story, and I loved that. What if someone who had incredible power was bad instead of good? I’m actually surprised that it hadn’t been done before. It’s not often we get to see this, and this film tended to feature a LOT of the Superman background, like I said – with a twist. … Read More James Gunn Teases Brightburn Sequel

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REVIEW: Superman #13

Superman #13 is here and Superman and Jor-El return to the remains of what was once the planet Krypton. What secrets will be unearthed in this place that means so very much to these two men that carry the name El? Well, before we dive in lets checkout the covers. Artist Ivan Reis has created… Read More REVIEW: Superman #13

Comic Review

REVIEW: Lois Lane #1

Lois finally takes centre stage in her very own 12 issue series by Eisner award winning writer Greg Rucka and artist Mike Perkins. Well aware of this creative teams’ previous endeavors on titles such as Daredevil, Iron Fist and Gotham Central I was going into this series with the highest of expectations. I hoped we’d… Read More REVIEW: Lois Lane #1

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REVIEW: DCeased #3

The nightmare continues as DCeased returns for its 3rd installment. Tom Taylor and Trevor Hairsine really are pulling punches as the horror continues to escalate. I don’t recall seeing this amount of gore and violence in any other DC Comics publication prior to this very series. It seems with every turn of the page we… Read More REVIEW: DCeased #3

Comic Review

REVIEW: Action Comics #1012

With ‘Event Leviathan’ in full effect, Action Comics is an open playing field. Just what exactly has Ms Leone and her ‘organisation’ been doing while the world has been rocked by Leviathan? Before we dive in, lets checkout the covers. ‘Naomi’ interior artist Jamal Campbell has created arguably one of my favourite covers of 2019… Read More REVIEW: Action Comics #1012