Fitness Journey


Now, I’ve never been overweight or fat, I’ve always been average sized when growing up and didn’t really care how I looked. When I hit around 17/18, that’s when I started to take notice of how I looked. When I got to around 20, I started trying to do something to make myself better. I started to exercise and eat healthier but I ended up sticking to it for around a week and then eating crap for two weeks then back to dieting- you get the gist.

I started to learn more about what I needed to do and make goals for where I wanted to be. But although I had that and still have that in mind, I struggled and still struggle to stick to clean eating and regular exercise. But I’m doing much better than I was before.

I don’t  want to lose weight although it will be a part of the process to reaching my goals. I want to tone up my body, build muscle, and lose some body fat to make myself leaner. I want abs, I want muscle definition and I want to make it a habit of it so I don’t keep fluctuating in results as I am now.

I know what I need to do to get where I want to be with my body, it’s just a case of sticking to it. My goal is to basically – you got it – look like I could be a Kryptonian.

Now I’m not an expert, nor am I qualified to give advise for myself – never mind anyone else, but what I’m doing and what I know at the moment seems to be work for me, and that’s all I need. Like I said, this blog is for me to track my results and give me motivation. But hey, it might work for someone else too.

Wish me luck!