Enesco Release Daily Planet within Hot Properties Village Line

Enesco create incredible collectibles that are fully licensed over a variety of fandoms which include DC Comics, Disney, Beatrix Potter and alike. These collectibles include figurines, soft toys, money boxes and now villages. Previously, Enesco’s Hot Properties Village Line only focused around Batman, with replicas of Wayne Manor and The Batcave. They are great pieces,… Read More Enesco Release Daily Planet within Hot Properties Village Line

Comic Review

REVIEW: Lois Lane #2

When reflecting upon the Superman family books and mini series being published right now, DC Comics have certainly created a specific and unique feel for each title. The core Superman title feels very much like an intergalactic space opera, while Action Comics is immersed in mystery and intrigue. Superman’s Pal Jimmy Olsen brings the silver… Read More REVIEW: Lois Lane #2

Comic Review

REVIEW: DCeased #4

Every week usually on a Tuesday I write my comic book pull list for the following week, and nothing brings a smile to my face more than seeing the next installment of DCeased scheduled for release. Everything about this comic feels prestigious and that has a lot to do with the myriad of incredible variant… Read More REVIEW: DCeased #4