Comic Review

REVIEW: DCeased #2

Tom Taylor and Trevor Hairsine are back with DCeased #2. This creative team has seemingly gone where no other have dared to tread before. The lives of everyone in the DC Universe are at risk and no one is safe. DCeased #2 certainly proves that point, but before we jump back into the horror, lets… Read More REVIEW: DCeased #2

Comic Review

REVIEW: Superman #11

In comics there seems to be one constant. Every issue of the ongoing Superman series by Brian Bendis and Ivan Reis is delivering on every single level, from art to story to scale and scope. The same can most certainly be said for Superman #11 but before we take a closer look, lets check out… Read More REVIEW: Superman #11

Comic Review

REVIEW: DCeased #1

Its finally here, after months of incredible art reveals and anticipation built among fans and creators alike. DCeased has gone viral. The mega mind that has cultivated and expanded upon the Injustice: Gods Among Us franchise has brought true horror to the DC Universe and it is fantastic. Tom Taylor along with artists Trevor Hairsine,… Read More REVIEW: DCeased #1

Film Review

Review: SHAZAM!

Earlier this week, we got to go to a special screening of Shazam! The film was absolutely incredible, I can honestly say that I have NEVER EVER laughed that much in a cinema. I smiled constantly from start to end. David Sandberg has brought yet another incredible film into the DCEU, and I truly hope… Read More Review: SHAZAM!