REVIEW: Young Justice #7-10

Young Justice #7-10 is here and we are back with another look at the issues of months past, trying to catch you up so that the current day reviews will make some sense!

In Young Justice #7-10 we have a relatively brief story arc where Young Justice is being flung through The Multiverse while trying to get home from Gemworld. We get to see some fun cameos from Elseworlds and alternate Supermen you may know and love, eventually ending up on DC’s famous Earth 3, home of Ultraman and The Crime Syndicate. Only this time, we get to meet the never before seen evil doppelgangers of Young Justice!

In these pages of Young Justice #7-10 we also get to learn more about some of the new team members like Jinny Hex and Teen Lantern. I especially like Teen Lantern’s backstory and I can’t wait to learn more about this character. Plus one of my favorite teen heroes gets some “screen time” the unofficial YJ member known as Stephanie Brown AKA The Spoiler.

Tim Drake also gets a new code-name and a costume to match! I’m honestly not crazy about the name, it’s basically the worst code-name ever if he’s still trying to conceal his secret identity. If they really want Damian to keep being Robin, it makes sense to give Tim a new costume and a new handle. I wasn’t a fan of his Red Robin identity or costume, so this is a nice alternative.

John Timms takes the reins as our main artist, along with some guest artists as well. The transition between his and Gleason’s art is pretty seamless, with one bonus being that I think Timms handles Bart Allen much better than Gleason did.

For Issue 7, we have the main cover drawn by John Timms featuring the team facing off against several multiverse threats. I really loved this cover, there are so many intricacies and so much detail. It really is impressive. The variant cover is by Riley Rossmo, in a more abstract art style showing Cassie, Conner, and Bart hanging out on a boardwalk. This cover has a really great concept and is cleverly one.

Issue 8’s main cover features a similar composition to 7’s this time with several different multiverse backgrounds. This cover again is by John Timms and features a really great concept. The entire team is holding on tight to a flying Superboy, presumably so they don’t fall into an infinite void. I REALLY like the variant cover by Jonboy Meyers, featuring a Wondergirl focused team shot. His art style really pops and almost has a pseudo anime feel, and I mean that in the best way.

For #9, the main cover features YJ facing off against their Earth-3 counterparts in a snapshot from an action scene. There are some great designs for the evil doppelgangers too, John Timms has done a really great job here. The variant cover by Nick Bradshaw is very fun, putting another spin on the main cover from #8, it’s Superboy basically carrying the whole team above a city with Teen Lantern and Wondergirl flying under their own power. I really love the use of neon colours here, it really allows the cover to stand out, it’s very unique.

And lastly #10, I have to say that this is our most deceitful cover by John Timms, featuring Bendis’ smash hit creation Naomi front and center with a big caption reading “BREAKOUT STAR NAOMI JOINS THE TEAM!” This cover isn’t relevant to the story, as Naomi literally only appears in the very last page of this issue. With that said it is a great way of introducing the character to the team and more specifically it’s audience. The variant cover is by Nick Bradshaw and also features Naomi in the cover. This is a great action shot showing the strength and power of the Young Justice Team.

Young Justice #7-10 have been fantastic and a joy to read. It’s great getting to know these characters that little bit more.

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