The Superman Titles Submitted For DC Round Robin

DC Round Robin is such a great idea! Don’t be fooled, it has nothing to do with the character Robin, but instead is a sort of tournament where fans can choose the next stories to be published for DC Comics. I just love how they have involved the fans here and there are some fantastic stories that have been put forward!

In total there are 16 stories that you can vote for and there are several voting rounds to help choose the next DC title which will have a full series roll out in late 2021.

DC Round Robin Titles Released
Photo Credit: DC Entertainment

Within those 16 pitches, there are two that focus around Superman and his supporting characters, so let’s delve into those so that you can make an informed decision… I know what titles I’m voting for, but I may be biased!

Paws Off the Justice League – When the Justice League disappears, Jimmy Olsen and the Super Pets must save the world from certain doom by posing as the missing League.

Superman & Lois: Ignition – Our solar system is a machine—and its purpose is to trap and kill Superman! The sun is darkening, Mars’s orbit is changing, and a mysterious citadel in Jupiter’s Great Red Eye has awoken; it is time for Kal-El to stand against the very end of his world. But he won’t be doing it alone: Lois Lane is suited up and blasting off to get the biggest story in human history…and to watch Clark’s back as he faces his greatest challenge yet. Facing ancient aliens and planet-sized machines, trickster asteroids and the gigakrakens of Neptune, Superman and Lois will fight across all nine planets to prevent Earth’s dark destiny and save our future!

Sadly, as it stands that is all we know about the two titles, but voting is open now for the first round on DC Comics’ twitter account. Voting for round one ends on 7th April and at the end of each round we will see more details and previews of the remaining contenders.

With regards to the creative teams behind them, DC Comics are hosting a live Q&A on 6th April at 8pm (Los Angeles Time), so I’m sure that will sway the votes in some way!

Round 2 of DC Round Robin will take place from 8th-15th April, Round 3 from 5th-13th May and the final round will take place from 20th-27th May. I cannot wait!

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