Park Row: The First DC Inspired Restaurant In The UK

Park Row is the UK’s first DC Comics and Batman inspired immersive restaurant and I had the absolute pleasure of being invited by Park Row and Warner Bros UK to experience it in all of it’s glory. Let me just say now, I was not disappointed.

Park Row is the UK’s first DC Comics and Batman inspired immersive restaurant and I had the absolute pleasure of being invited by Park Row and Warner Bros UK to experience it in all of it’s glory. Let me just say now, I was not disappointed.

In this post I’ll share my experience without giving too much away, and I’ll also share some of my highlights from the evening.

Upon arrival Park Row just oozes Gotham City vibes with its beautiful architecture and subtle details which act as Easter eggs for DC Comics fans. The building itself is stunning inside and out and really adds to the class of the experience as a whole.

Upon entry visitors are welcomed to Wayne Manor which again is expertly designed and filled with subtle details that mean a great deal to Batman fans. This area acts as a check-in/waiting area, but you’ll probably want to spend a little more time here whilst you look for the Easter eggs! Not only that but this room has one of the only Wayne family trees, which is stunning and just goes to show the level of attention to detail that Park Row have put into this. Extra points if you can guess where the entrance to the rest of the restaurant is!

Once it is time to enter you are sent down to the Batcave and even this experience is one you’ll never forget, it is incredibly cool and is a great way to hype up visitors before they even sit down to dine. Once you get to the bottom you are greeted with an incredible and bespoke aerial map of Gotham City.

First of all Park Row consists of five different bars and restaurants, each sporting their own theme and specialities. The first that you are introduced to is Pennyworth’s, a restaurant and bar which pays homage to none other than Alfred Pennyworth. It has an Art Deco theme, which is synonymous with Gotham City. This restaurant is incredibly stylish and specialises in whiskey, as you can probably tell from the drinks selection!

One very unique thing about this area is this dispenser, which is one of just six in the entire world. This will not only pour you a perfectly measured whisky, but once you take a sip, if you place it back on the stand it will top up your drink to its original measure. Yep, it’s as dangerous as it sounds!

Park Row London DC Inspired Restaurant
Photo Credit: Park Row London

From there you then enter the Iceberg Lounge, which is stunning. I cannot express how classy and stylish this place is, making this a restaurant for fine diners as well as DC fans. The centrepiece of this area is of course the HUGE statue of The Penguin which is a really nice touch. Visitors can dine here or just get drinks and enjoy the live entertainment, here’s a look at the menu.

Here’s a look at The Rogues Gallery which again, is absolutely beautiful in terms of design and attention to detail. As the name suggests, this area is inspired by Batman Rogues and each and every detail including the paintings and statues is inspired by a different Batman villain. If you decide to visit, see if you can get them all right! It is here that you can try the levitating cocktail particle, which is definitely a first for me.

Now let’s take a moment to appreciate the food, we were lucky enough to be offered a three course meal, in which we could choose the dishes ourselves. I really was spoiled for choice, the menu was incredible and unlike anything I’ve ever seen before with such a huge selection and variety of dishes. For the starter, I went for the Veal Sweetbreads, Girolle Mushroom & Summer Vegetable Fricassee, for the main I chose the Herdwich Lamb Rack, which were both delicious and very unique in flavour.

For desserts, our table had a selection to share from the menu, which included The Ruins Of Gotham City, Cask Of Balvenie, Kiss From A Rose, and Floral Toxins. The presentation and delivery of each and every one was phenomenal and really well thought out. My personal favourite of the desserts was the Cask Of Balvenie, it was SO GOOD! Hats off to Chef Kim Woodward, the entire menu looked incredible and the food that I had was exquisite.

Even the dishes was an experience, check out the level of effort and theatrics that go into the delivery of the ‘Kiss From a Rose’ dish! Impeccable!

Also, if you think of yourself as a bit of a wine connoisseur, be sure to tell the waiting staff that you’d like to take a look at Bruce Waynes private cellar. You’ll then receive an exclusive wine menu, which is a little pricier… but if that’s your kind of thing it’s totally worth doing! For those that cannot quite afford this menu, don’t worry! The staff literally select your wine for you based on the dish that you are having (if you don’t fancy their suggestion, you can pick something else of course), I thought this was a really nice touch and really added a sense of elegance to the experience as a whole. I never know what wine goes with what dish, I just stick to what I know, so this was a great opportunity to try something new.

Park Row Private Wine Cellar

We also had a sneak peak at Old Gotham City a late night bar inspired by Dr Jonathan Crane and Dr Pamela Isley, which is due to open its doors in September. Just like every other area located in Park Row, it is incredibly stylish and really has a unique theme and look which I adore. Here’s a look at the area itself.

Located within Old Gotham City are a HUGE number of Easter eggs and I cannot fault how Park Row have seamlessly paid tribute to the villains of Gotham City without overdoing it here. There is a quite a lot to take in, so keep your eyes open for the hints and I am seriously impressed with the level of through that has gone into each and every design choice. For example, the bear shown in the gallery below belongs to one of Batman’s villains and is only referenced in a handful of Batman comics. It’s that level of detail and thought, that really makes this place one of a kind and as a DC fan, I take my hat off to them!

We also got a sneak peak into The Monarch Theatre, which is a unique gastronomic show which takes guests on a real journey for the senses. The Theatre is packed with 360 degree protection mapping, which really take you into the midst of the story telling. Guests will experience an eleven course tasting menu paired with wine and a truly immersive and interactive experience, which is priced at £195 per person. At a first glance this may seem pricey, but after the taster I got, it is totally worth it in my opinion.

Park Row - The Monarch Theatre

Upon arrival guests are first greeted by this freaky fella – Chuckles The Clown, in which you exchange a coin for a bespoke cocktail. Like I said, each area in Park Row is interactive and have fantastic gimmicks that really sets this place apart from any others.

Understandably the fine folk at Park Row didn’t want to give too much of The Monarch Theatre experience away, and I don’t want to do that either. But what I can say is that this really is unique, I’ve never seen anything like it before and I was blown away by the visuals. From what I have heard and seen guests really do go on a journey like no other and guests can also expect edible dishes and experiences that taste like HOPE (that’s a hint). Here’s a sneaky peek at what guests can expect.

One thing I love about Park Row and it’s numerous venues is the fact that each one really has an experience, it isn’t just sitting down at a table to eat your meal, it really is an immersive and inclusive experience that you’ll never forget. There really is something for everyone.

It’s gorgeous, subtly geeky and it was a true delight to visit. I’m so glad that there is something like this open to the public now, and I can only hope that it inspires more DC inspired restaurants around the world. This is something that every DC fan needs to experience for themselves.

The staff and service are incredible, you really see a peek into their personality, their passion and their love for working at such a unique restaurant. When I visited, it was the second day the restaurant was officially open, but the staff and their professionalism really made it seem that the restaurant had been open for years, everything was expertly executed.

I am truly grateful to both Park Row and Warner Bros UK for the invite, it is an evening I’ll never forget and I will most definitely be dining there again in the near future.

Park Row is open now and is located at 77 Brewer Street, London and I can confirm it is well worth a visit and is the ideal place to celebrate any special occasion. Make your reservation here to avoid disappointment.

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