REVIEW: Supergirl: Woman Of Tomorrow #4

Supergirl: Woman of Tomorrow #4 is a highly charged, emotional issue. With each turn of the page we learn  even more about horror and depravity.

Supergirl: Woman Of Tomorrow #4 continues the hunt for Krem, brought to you by the superstar creative team of Tom King, Bilquis Evely and Matheus Lopes.

In regards to the main cover, Bilquis Evely and Matheus Lopes have created an extremely thoughtful scene as Supergirl appears to be huddled in a meditative state within the heart of a sun. I love the use of the compass-like design in the corner. It suggests to me that Kara is looking to her heart, to her home for strength and bathing within the heart of a sun is a great way to display just how high the stakes have been raised.

Supergirl: Woman Of Tomorrow #4 Review | The Aspiring Kryptonian
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The variant cover created by Rose Besch is a unique take on the main cover as a very stylised Kara absorbs all of the suns energising rays. Rose Besch has a real anime art style about her that I really like. This is a cover that is totally unique and unlike anything on the stands right now. The use of light really gives this cover an otherworldy feel to it which is perfect considering the story so far.

Supergirl: Woman Of Tomorrow #4 Review | The Aspiring Kryptonian

Supergirl: Woman of Tomorrow #4 sees the notorious Krem one step ahead of the game, as he continues to pillage and plunder his way across the galaxy alongside the equally notorious Barbonds Brigands. Kara and Ruthye come into contact with survivors from each of these wretched attacks, with each of their harrowing ordeals captured with excruciating detail.

The tale of Flarrgg relayed to Kara and Ruthye by his Houndmate is that of indiscriminate horror and merciless brutality. The randomness of it all is what really gets to me, and the consequences of which will be felt by the survivors for years to come. This part of the issue had me in tears, it is truly harrowing. Writer Tom King’s narration during these sequences just feels so genuine and real and I think that’s what allows this issue to really have an imprint on you. Bilquis Evely’s artwork captured Krem’s evil with extreme detail and gore, which really adds to that effect.

From outwardly aggressive to visually shaken kara wears every emotion on her sleeve. Seeing Kara help bury the dead on the planet Tilluis and her exchange with a grieving parent was extremely poignant. This issue is filled with Kara’s random acts of kindness towards those affected by Krem and the Brigands, etc and every story told and narration is harrowing yet poetic.

One thing I love that Tom King has touched upon in this issue is the fact that though she carries a lot of the same traits and views as Superman, she doesn’t always believe in second chances. In this case Ruthye believed that she would save a man who is being executed for his crimes, but she disagrees. I’m not sure I’ve ever seen that explored when it comes to Supergirl, but it was definitely an interesting notion for me.

Not only that but I also love how King has touched upon the fact that Supergirl and assuming all Kryptonians have to hold back when it comes to doing simple things. She has to constantly hold back so that she can walk side by side with Ruthye and has to warm her breath when speaking closely with her to stop her from freezing. Ruthye goes onto say that she believes Kara is constantly living her life in pain from holding back so much, which too is very interesting notion that I’ve never thought of before.

Artist Bilquis Evely has once again knocked it out of the park with this issue. This is genuinely one of the most beautiful series I have ever come across, her artwork is absolutely mesmerising. I particularly love her alien designs, they just look so believable and feel truly established. That artwork and imagination combined with colours by Matheus Lopes is what really sets this series apart from the rest.

Supergirl: Woman of Tomorrow #4 is a highly charged and emotional issue. With each turn of the page we learn  even more about the horror and depravity carried out by Krem and Kara’s response to each act of violence perpetrated is simply beautiful. Kara displays every kind of emotion you can think of and I love seeing this side to her.

Haven’t picked up Supergirl: Woman Of Tomorrow #4 yet? You can get the standard cover by Bilquis Evely here (UK), or here (US).

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