Lucy Lane Returns For Superman & Lois

Jenna Dewan to play Lucy Lane again in Season Two of Superman & Lois.

Superman & Lois will welcome its second Arrowverse character as Jenna Dewan is scheduled to return as Lucy Lane in the show’s upcoming second season. Dewan first portrayed Lane during season one of the CW’s Supergirl, where she appeared in 13 episodes and joined the series in the third episode as Jimmy Olsen’s (Mechad Brooks) girlfriend.

Photo Credit: The CW

Dewan’s Lucy Lane will enjoy a family reunion on Superman & Lois, as she is the younger sister of Lois and daughter of General Sam Lane, played by Elizabeth Tulloch and Dylan Walsh, respectively. Last the audience saw of Lucy on Supergirl, she had recovered from being mind controlled by Myriad while she was the Director of the DEO. Dewan was also reunited with her father, General Sam Lane (played by Glenn Morshower), as she lobbied on behalf of J’onn J’onzz, who had been removed as DEO Director after his identity as the Martian Manhunter was revealed. General Lane relayed J’onzz’s Presidential pardon and reinstatement as Director of the DEO, replacing Lucy.

David Ramsey was the first Arrowverse character to crossover to Superman & Lois during its debut season. Ramsey reprised his role of John Diggle in the season’s 12th episode, “Through the Valley of Death” as well as directing the season’s seventh episode, “Man of Steel.”

Photo Credit: The CW

Dewan currently appears on ABC’s The Rookie as firefighter Baily Nune and was promoted this season from recurring character to series regular. Considering Dewan is currently a series regular on The Rookie, it makes sense to believe she will most likely only appear in one or a few episodes as Lucy during Superman & Lois’ second season.

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