REVIEW: Justice League Infinity #6

This creative team are continuing to kill it. Story, art, depictions, tone, feel, nostalgia, it’s all there in high quality. If you’re a fan of the TV series, you’re sure to like it.

Justice League Infinity #6 has been released, and now we finally know who’s been pulling the strings behind all the multiversal shenanigans seen in the past 5 issues.

This issue’s cover by James Stokoe has a lot of grit to it, looking like it came right off a sketchpad and evoking a feeling of an 80’s or 90’s Indie book, which is not a bad thing. It’s certainly a unique choice for these characters. The composition itself is packed with content, showing events from the whole series so far reflected in fragments of a giant mirror which Amazo is smashing. This cover certainly stands out, and I like it.

Justice League Infinity #6 Review | The Aspiring Kryptonian
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I’m going to cut to the chase here. JM DeMatteis, James Tucker, Ethen Beavers, and Nick Filardi are killing it. They’ve been killing it. They are continuing to kill it. Story, art, depictions, tone, feel, nostalgia, it’s all there in high quality. If you’re a fan of the TV series, you’re sure to like it.

Now for the spoilerific part of the review.

Green Lantern narrates this issue, telling us what happened to the unconscious Justice League we discovered on the last page of issue 5. As we all knew, Amazo was the cause of all the multi-dimensional hijinks by trying to break through a crazy cosmic mirror. What I had forgotten from issue 1 is that he’s only doing that, because a voice is calling to him from the other side of the mirror. 

We discover in this issue, that this voice was another, even more powerful Amazo from another dimension. This Amazo destroyed everyone on his own Earth and then set out across the stars accumulating vast power, then discovered the existence of the multiverse and now wants to spread destruction across all realities. 

If this sounds like the exact plot of Marvel’s ‘What If?’ series, episode 8 to be exact, “What If… Ultron Won?” That’s because…  it is. Right down to the evil android antagonist and mirrors representing alternate realities. This new Amazo even RESEMBLES Ultron by the end of the issue. Now, I imagine that this issue was at least written before that Marvel episode aired, so I’m not crying plagiarism, but still the similarities are uncanny, and deserve to be mentioned.

That being said, there are some Easter Eggs and a great payoff in this issue. For instance, instead of grabbing Infinity Stones for his power up, Amazo’s costume changes denote that he has absorbed power from a myriad of DC villains. The most powerful and dangerous of which is the sentient Anti-Life Equation, which has bonded to Amazo like a venom symbiote. This marvel reference however, I’m confident was on purpose. Amazo II possesses Venom’s signature teeth and a long floppy tongue, had black word balloons, and even refers to himself as “We.”

As for the Payoff, after Hawkgirl appears to have died (brutally, by the way), Green Lantern’s feelings are shaken awake and he realizes he still loves her and always has, hinting that his relationship with Vixen will soon be coming to an end. This is something fans have been waiting to see since the end of Justice League Season 2, and was teased constantly throughout Justice League Unlimited, but never resolved. It seems they’re hoping to resolve it here in this series, and I’m hoping that we’ll not only get some closure, but even more content in the future after this series has concluded.

Justice League Infinity #6 introduces us to the strangely familiar final boss, and gives long time fans a satisfying payoff to a long running thread from the animated series. all while setting up the final battle yet to come next issue.

Haven’t picked up Justice League Infinity #6 yet? You can get the standard cover here (UK) or here (US).

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