‘Superman & Lois’ Season 4 Starts Production

The fourth and sadly final season of the CW’s ‘Superman & Lois‘ has started production on its ten episodes with a planned premiere date in April.

Bitsie Tulloch announced the return to filming on social media this week with a picture of the script for the season 4 premiere episode titled “The End of The Beginning.”

The script revealed that showrunners Brent Fletcher and Toff Helbing and CW show director Gregory Smith will handle those responsibilities. It also looked like they had plans to get the final draft of the script in by the beginning of this month.

The announcement that the fourth season would be the final one came as major budget cuts were announced for the show with a great deal of the main cast like Wole Parks, Tayler, Dylan Walsh, Emmanuelle Chriqui, and more not returning as series regulars. However, they will still have some appearances in select episodes. The budget cut also meant 10 episodes instead of the usual 14 or 15.

Little is known about the plot of season 4, but many outlets do hope that it will be a satisfying follow-up to the finale of the last season and I’m sure we can expect to see more Lex Luthor. Many also see it as the end of an era with the final Arrowverse coming to an end after over a decade on the CW. All the more reason to not miss it come April.

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