Wendell Pierce Cast As Perry White In ‘Superman’ Film

As James Gunn’s ‘Superman‘ begins filming in Atlanta, there was just one major cast announcement that had yet to be revealed until now.

The new Daily Planet, Editor-In-Chief, Perry White has been cast and will be played by Wendell Pierce, known for his role on ‘The Wire’. Pierce becomes to latest to join the cast after Terence Rosemore was revealed to playing Otis.

Wendall Pierce Cast As Perry White

Perry White is one of the oldest supporting characters of Superman beginning with his first appearance outside of the comics in the radio serial in 1940. Much like Superman’s ability to fly, Perry White became a major staple in his never-ending stories. He’s run for Mayor of Metropolis, fought cancer, and has been a mentor to both Clark and Lois as a journalist. Pierce has had recent roles in other TV shows like Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan and Suits. He’s also known for his nonprofit work and business endeavors in his hometown of New Orleans.

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