Production For Superman & Lois Series Finale in Progress With Title Revealed

The CW is truly wrapping up their DC Universe with the production of the Superman & Lois series finale currently underway with a release date planned for fall this year. Elizabeth Tulloch has really been Lois Lane when it comes to the latest news about the show – always breaking behind-the-scenes news that the fans will surely miss.

Tulloch revealed that the tenth episode of the fourth and final season is called “It Went By So Fast,” and judging by that, it’s going to be a sentimental send-off for what is an unforgettable and unique TV take Superman that began back in the adventured of The Flash and Supergirl.

Behind-the-scenes photos have also been released showing a battle-damaged Superman in Smallville. Tulloch has always confirmed that this season will be like no other as Superman finally faces down Lex Luthor. Some characters are even rumored to be meeting their end.

“What a beautiful ride this has been. So grateful. Especially to our crew – this final season has been tough physically and emotionally on everyone and I see you and how hard you are working and I am so appreciative of you all,” Tulloch wrote on the post where she revealed the episode title.

“It Went By So Fast” is written by Brent Fletcher and Todd Helbing, Helbing one of the main show developers, and directed by Gregory Smith.  

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