Superman Collection


As you may know or will have read, I am a little obsessed with superheroes, especially Superman.

I just love everything about the idea of being superhuman, I love the comics, I love the TV programmes, the films… I could go on. I love what Superman stands for, I love the idea of it all, I love the colors, I love how powerful he is and not to mention… He’s anyone’s perfect man…Well mine. He’s the superhero I have been most exposed to growing up, watching The Adventures of Lois and Clark with my Granddad, seeing Superman The Movie for the first time, and I’ve clung on to that.

Usually people grow out of it… But not me.

Why Superman? He’s the first, original Superhero. Every Superhero that is around now, derives from the original – Superman. Yeah, Stan Lee is pretty good at creating heroes too, but Superman is the god of all Superheroes, he is the one that started it all.

Although I’ve always watched Superman on TV and in films, the obsession started back in 2006, that’s when I started to buy stuff, and collect merchandise, and its spiraled out of control since then.

At this point in 2017, I have 1500+ individual Superman items in my collection, and its ever-growing. I collect everything and anything to do with Superman, and most of the things I have is still boxed or in its original packaging, unless of course I have it twice. I have stuff all around the house, all boxed up, and countless boxes full in the attic. I’ve just run out of space!

I’ll be sharing photos of my favorite items, and my collection journey from now!

To hear more about me and the Man of Steel, check out my blog post all about it – Me and The Man of Steel

Hope you enjoy!