REVIEW – Krypton S1-E4: The Word Of Rao

Krypton S1 E4 was fantastic. I’ve said this before, but the show just seems to be getting better and better. This week things have really ramped up! I feel that episode 4 is truly significant and it also leaves you asking yourself a lot of questions. I usually don’t post any spoilers. But I’m sorry, there is just too much to talk about in this episode of Krypton.

In this episode, it is the first time we meet the terrorists – Black Zero. Although they are deemed as terrorists, there is no proof to suggest that they are so far. It seems they are being blamed for the injustice of Krypton by The Guild and The Ranked, so that they can justify their controversial actions and decisions. Although the leader seems like a bit of a hard nut, he seems to be helping Seg, and is too aware of the threat. This makes me think that they fall into the same category as Val-El, who was sentenced to death for being a traitor, when he was really trying to save Krypton and other worlds. Again the set design is stunning! The Black Zero Base Camp is my favourite, it has such high-tech vibes and has a visually awing design.

Black Zero - Krypton - Cameron Cuffe

Lyta finds herself in trouble after Daron-Vex manipulates her trail. He does this to imprison her, with the aim of getting her sentenced to death. Of course, this brings us a great moment, where we see Jayna visiting Lyta in her cell to do a little ‘silent bonding’. Not only is this scene powerful, in comparison to previous scenes of the Zod’s. It is significant to Jayna as this is her turning point towards protecting and caring for her daughter over her job and order, which too could be classed as treason against Krypton.

We finally see Rao remove the mask of many faces, but we are restricted as to what we see. This makes me question, why did they hide his face? Is it someone that we have already seen in Krypton, a main character perhaps? My prediction is that it’s Seg-El – we already know there is play with time-travel, so why not throw in some more? The build, hair colour and eye in the final scene looks a lot like him to me. It would also explain the sudden draw to Ona and Seg’s constant praise and forgiveness from Rao.

Rao’s kindness an generosity towards Ona seems a little bit too good to be true. It will be interesting to see where things go with her in Krypton, from being a poor Rankless to now being Ranked and part of their religion. Has this been done just to prove that Rao can be generous? Or is there another plan at work here? I think the latter.

Krypton Episode 4 Review - The Word of Rao

The Rankless also seem to be building up against Rao and The Guild by disrespecting them during their speech – and rightfully so. But it also seems that there are other houses with similar plans. Nyssa seems to have her own, by helping Seg, Lyta and Jayna whilst admitting that they are traitorous towards Krypton.

There is great and notable character development, predominantly for supporting characters – Ona, Jayna, Dev and Nyssa especially. It also reveals quite a lot about their relationships and hints at what we can expect. Although we have two lovers – Seg and Lyta, it becomes more complicated as we see Nyssa meet Lyta for the first time and Dev explains to Lyta how he truly feels about her.

The dynamics of the characters during this episode of Krypton also change. Especially between Lyta and Nyssa, I sense a bit of jealousy and tension between the two. Lyta is Seg’s love and Nyssa is his forced pairing. Seg takes a lot of risks in asking Nyssa to help with his situation and is selfish in doing so as he should be focusing on the safety of Krypton. Nyssa’s kind offer clearly indicates that she is up to something. She is attempting to commit treason in order to save Krypton and unite Kandor. Of course against the will of Rao and bringing the other characters into it, is just allowing her to pin the blame.

Krypton Episode 4 - The Word of Rao - Lyta Zod and Dev

One thing I did notice and love was the parallel between the show and Man of Steel and well, any other Superman story. Zod is known as the patriot of Krypton, constantly trying to salvage its survival and regeneration at any cost. However, in this series their house is now being referred to as traitors for Lyta’s courageous actions.

I have to mention it… THAT FINAL SCENE! WOW. Now that is something that I am not going to spoil for you, but this could have huge consequences and could lead to Krypton‘s downfall.

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