Superman Exclusives from New Zealand Mint for 80th Anniversary

Following the release of the 35g Silver Action Comics Replica, New Zealand Mint have now released even more Superman collectibles. The releases mark the 80th anniversary of Superman, which was celebrated earlier this year.

First up, is the stunning 150g Pure Silver Miniature. This is the first of its kind and is finished with an antique silver polish, which gives it a visually striking effect. The piece is designed by 3D sculptor Alejandro Pereira Ezcurra, and stands at approximately 8-10 centimeters tall. The silver miniature is limited to 1,000 pieces worldwide and stands on a base with a metal plate which confirms the series number, the production number and authentication from New Zealand Mint themselves. Isn’t it beautiful!

Superman 80th Anniversary 150g Silver Miniature - New Zealand Mint

Not only this, the piece comes with the protection of a black velvet lining, and also comes packaged in a stunning and perfectly themed casing.

Superman 80th Anniversary 150g Silver Miniature

Although the item itself is rather pricey, you have to take into consideration that it is a limited edition piece and it is 150g of pure silver! This incredible Superman sculpture is priced at $550.00, and for those in the UK, it averages at around £410.00. You can see the item in more detail here.

But the Superman exclusives don’t stop here, New Zealand Mint have also released a second piece for those that may not be able to afford the first – The Superman 80th Anniversary Silver Coin Note Collection. The collection comes in Superman themed hardcover collector’s album which holds six notes. These six notes are 5g of pure silver coin and features some of the most famous and iconic Superman covers throughout his 80 years.

Each page of the album features a detailed design, along with details about the cover and our heroes’ past.

Superman 80th Anniversary Silver Coin Note Collection

Each and every coin note used both colour and engraving to enhance their beauty. Iconic covers include;

  • Superman Vol 1 – #1
  • Action Comics Vol 4 – #1
  • Action Comics Vol 1 – #242
  • Action Comics Vol 1 – #419
  • The Adventures Of Superman – #424
  • Superman Rebirth in Action Comics

My favourite has to be The Adventures of Superman #424, this is one of my favourite comic issues, and the way the colours are added really makes the piece stand out. I may have a favourite, but each and every note is incredible detailed and they are all fantastic.

Superman 80th Anniversary Silver Coin Note Collection - The Adventures of Superman #424

Not only are these notes a great addition to any Superman collection, they are also legal tender in New Zealand. Not that you’d use them of course! The price for this complete set is $230.00, which works out as £171.50 in the UK – not bad ey?! For more details and to see each and every cover available, head to the website here.

Both of these incredible pieces by New Zealand Mint are available now for pre-order. All orders will be shipped from Monday 18th June 2018, so be sure to order yours before they disappear!

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