World’s Finest Collection Announce Superman 80th Anniversary Box

World’s Finest Collection is a subscription service which offer DC Comics themed boxes with fantastic exclusive merchandise. Similar to the Legion of Collectors boxes, this subscription requires you to choose a t-shirt size and subscribe to a quarterly or an annual plan. Of course with the annual plan being cheaper, but for what you get, it really is worth the price – if you are a DC Comics fan! You can read more about the plans and the finer details here.

World’s Finest Collection have just announced via Instagram what their next box will be. With the recent celebrations and anniversaries surrounding this iconic character, it is perfect timing! Of course, it’s Superman! The box will be filled with apparel, premium accessories and a vinyl figure. On their website they state that this box in particular will be filled to the brim with Superman exclusives – sounds exciting ey?! I for one, cannot wait to get my hands on this box! Not only is what’s inside exciting, but the boxes are stunning as well!

The World’s Finest Collection subscription is a fairly new concept with this box being the fourth installment. Previous boxes include Batman, Wonder Woman and Justice League, and if the contents of those boxes are anything to go by, this one is really going to be SUPER!

Unfortunately you cannot purchase individual boxes, which is bad news for those who collect particular character merchandise. BUT with the both subscriptions you can cancel at any time you wish. The annual price is $43.99 and the quarterly $48.99, but with that said you do get over $120.00 worth of merchandise!

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