REVIEW: Action Comics #5

Action Comics - Issue 5 Review

Cover Artist: Leo O’Mealia

Writer: Jerry Siegel

Artwork: Jo Shuster

Action Comics #5 starts with Perry White calling for Clark Kent to cover a world exclusive disaster story, but he is nowhere to be found. Instead Lois offers to take the story, but Mr White only has eyes for Kent. Of course, Lois takes matters into her own hands, by thinking she is cheating Clark into taking a dud story where he plays along with her deceit. Superman catches up with her and finds her in a bit of trouble, as usual, when she is swept in amongst the disaster.

Reading the story back, it is so surreal… with the morals and ways that people had back in those days, it seems unrealistic to me, but that is truly how it was. You can really see how times have changed since these stories were written. And what is great to see, is that you can really tell that Seigel is taking a dig at those backward morals. A good example of this is Lois Lane being told that being a top reporter was no job for a woman, so she takes things into her own hands to prove herself – classic Lois Lane! You can really see why the ladies back in those days could look up to her feisty character. With that being said, she is so, so deceitful – especially to Clark who adores her, and I’m not sure I like the fact that she uses his affection to get ahead and get another chance with Superman (although they are the same person, but she doesn’t know that). She seems very different to the Lois we know and love today.

Again, the storyline is basic – there isn’t much going on and it doesn’t really connect with the previous issues, however it does show progression in Lois and Superman’s relationship. She seems to have two personalities within the comic series and I’m not sure that it always shows her in a good light, especially with her attitude towards Clark Kent. The artwork in this story also seemed to gain some good progress, you can really see the detail and effort put into the drawings of the landscape, especially with the natural disaster scenes.

Overall, I think Action Comics #5 is one of the weakest issues, although it does show character progress, that is really all it shows. Though it really does tackle some of the morals back in those days and it’s nice to see a comic book doing that, especially one of the first. It makes it incredible feisty and risky at the same time and it allows you to appreciate the creators of this story line.

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