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REVIEW: Lois Lane #2

When reflecting upon the Superman family books and mini series being published right now, DC Comics have certainly created a specific and unique feel for each title. The core Superman title feels very much like an intergalactic space opera, while Action Comics is immersed in mystery and intrigue. Superman’s Pal Jimmy Olsen brings the silver… Read More REVIEW: Lois Lane #2


James Gunn Teases Brightburn Sequel

Brightburn was a great film I thought. It was an unusual horrifying twist on an already known and established story, and I loved that. What if someone who had incredible power was bad instead of good? I’m actually surprised that it hadn’t been done before. It’s not often we get to see this, and this film tended to feature a LOT of the Superman background, like I said – with a twist. … Read More James Gunn Teases Brightburn Sequel

Comic Review

REVIEW: Superman #13

Superman #13 is here and Superman and Jor-El return to the remains of what was once the planet Krypton. What secrets will be unearthed in this place that means so very much to these two men that carry the name El? Well, before we dive in lets checkout the covers. Artist Ivan Reis has created… Read More REVIEW: Superman #13