My Evening At The Aquaman World Premiere

This week, I attended the Aquaman World Premiere, and I hope it isn’t the last! What an incredible day and experience that I will truly cherish forever! I would firstly like to thank Warner Brothers for the invite and opportunity to be a part of it. Here is how it all went…

It was a typical Friday, waiting for the moment you can get out of work, when I got an email. The subject line drew me in straight away – “Aquaman World Premiere”, of course I had to read it several times just for it to sink in! I immediately asked if I could get the day off work, and luckily they agreed! Not only did I get an invite to the premiere, I also got invited to a meet and greet event before it began.

I spent the whole weekend thinking about what it was going to be like and I was just so excited! I just didn’t know what to expect! I’d never been to such an exclusive event before, and now that I have, I really hope it isn’t my last. When the day finally arrived, I set off to London to check into my hotel and get myself all dressed up!

First of all, we rushed into an Uber to the Rosewood Hotel, which is where the meet and greet with James Wan was. It’s safe to say I felt so out of place when we rocked up at the hotel, it was absolutely stunning! We got into the lift and were greeted with the team that invited us, who then gave us our tickets. Call me crazy, but I am keeping these as a keepsake! This is one of the proudest moments I’ve had as an ‘influencer’ and blogger.

The first thing we saw as we entered the event was this iconic display.

And also the REAL costumes that were used in the film. Usually when they do this, they are encased in a glass display case or cordoned off so you can’t touch them. This time, they weren’t and we were free to touch them as much as we liked, and I couldn’t stop staring at them. The detailing is absolutely phenomenal in both of the suits and you can see that a mile off. Firstly the ICONIC Aquaman suit which features the classic colours used in the comic books. This was worn by THE Jason Momoa and also used in the film.

Aquaman Display - World Premiere Costume

Second, Mera’s costume, worn by Amber Heard and also used in the film. The suit is so beautiful up close.

Mera Costume - Aquman London World Premiere

Of course, I took full advantage of this opportunity and got some pics with the costumes!

Aquaman World Premiere Costume

There were members of staff walking around handing out bites to eat and Aquaman themed cocktails, which were lovely! I may have had more of those than I should have… Here is a shot of the mini Aquaman desserts!

Aquaman World Premiere

The whole time I was there I was just so excited! I didn’t know what to do with myself, other than think I was incredibly lucky and out of my depth! Not that I shouldn’t be there because I have worked hard to get where I am with my blog, but more because this was the biggest event I have been involved in, in relation to my blogging “career”.

I got to meet up with some fellow DC based bloggers and influencers, including The Geek of Steel, Kibla Ahmed Art and DC World. It was great to see some of them again and also put some faces to names! We all got on famously, and that really added to the experience. It was an honour to share this moment with them all, and I hope this isn’t the last time we meet!

DC Bloggers/Influencers - Aquaman World Premiere

We all shared many conversations, experiences, pictures and cocktails, when James Wan casually strolled in! It was so surreal. Of course, everyone surrounded him, asking him questions about the upcoming film and so on, I tried to play it cool, but when it was finally my turn the room suddenly and strangely got very warm….. They must have turned up the heating.. of course.

James Wan at the Aquaman World Premiere

The first thing I did was thank him for bringing Aquaman into the limelight and with a HUGE makeover. In the original comics and history of DC, he has always been deemed the “lamest”, well, not anymore thanks to James Wan and Jason Momoa. I’ve also been a huge horror fan, and LOVE the Saw series and also Incidious, which was also directed by Wan. So from that, I asked him if he had brought any aspects of horror into Aquaman, his response was “You can take the guy out of horror, but you can’t take the horror out of a guy”, so I took that as a yes!

James Wan - Aquaman World Premiere London

He was so lovely and very easy to talk to, as soon as we got talking I cooled down a little and the conversation flowed. He was so excited for people to finally be able to see his work, and that really showed, which was lovely! He was full of energy, incredible polite and such a fun guy to be around. After this we were both ushered for a photo together next to the Aquaman costume, he insisted I went closed to the costume itself as he had “already spent too much time around it”.

James Wan - Aquaman World Premiere London

Then myself and a few of the other bloggers/influencers were ushered into a photo with James, again next to the costume! It was like being papped by the paparazzi, I didn’t know where to look!

Aquaman World Premiere London

They also used this picture to put on their Instagram story and tagged each of us it it! I got so, so excited when I saw my name and myself featured on the Warner Bro’s UK account!

Warner Bro's UK Instagram - World Premiere Aquaman

They gave us a shout to say that our cabs were here, which would drop us off at the red carpet at Leicester Square! WHAT WAS HAPPENING! We all bundled in and watched the live stream of the premiere on the Aquaman Facebook page as we were on our way! We were all incredibly excited and starting to get nervous about walking down the carpet ourselves! Of course, we took an obligatory taxi selfie!

Aquaman World Premiere

The time had come…. to walk down the blue carpet (we assumed it would be red). It was short but sweet! Such a surreal experience, no one cared that we were there (obviously), but it meant the world to me! I did my first ever Instagram live video whilst I walked through. As you can probably tell, my boyfriend filmed the first quarter and than I took over after I realised he was a terrible camera man! Unfortunately when we got there we missed Jason Momoa, but I did see Amber Heard and Dolph Lundgren rocking the carpet!

Once that was over, we were seated in the screens. I was buzzing! I was already excited for the film, but this evening just pushed that excitement over the edge! Alex Zane then walked in and introduced the cast and crew which included James Wan, Jason Momoa, Dolph Lundgren, Amber Heard, and Patrick Wilson.

When the film was over we stayed right up until the end to see if there were any post credit scenes. There is one! And then walked out of the screens and met back up with the guys, as we were seated separately. All I can say for now, is that the film is INCREDIBLE, and a perfect blend of different genres. It is epic, adventurous and STUNNING! But until the embargo lifts, I can’t say much more than that!

Aquaman Poster - Cinema

After the event and film was over, I couldn’t and still can’t believe I was a part of this! The first thing I did was check out the goody bag we were given at the meet and greet event! What a great selection of merchandise, that I will cherish!

WB Swag Bag Aquaman Premiere London

After the film we were asked to give our initial reactions, but we couldn’t reveal too much – of course! So of course, I published it across my social media platforms and expressed my love for the film. I was then asked if my words could be used in the promotional marketing material for the film, which of course, I obliged to! Then, casually scrolling through twitter I came across my quote!

What a spectacular feeling! I am still so excited and stoked about the premiere and I will never forget my experience there. I want to thank Warner Bro’s UK for the invite, honour and the experience, and I cannot URGE you to see the film enough! GO AND SEE IT! You will love it!

Aquaman is released in the UK on December 12th and in the US on 14th December. The embargo enforced by Warner Brother’s will be lifted on 11th December, so please look out for my non-spoiler review!

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