Event Announcement: The Music of Hans Zimmer vs John Williams

This year, Symphony Hall, Birmingham have really outdone themselves with a Hans Zimmer v John Williams music event. As part of the Christmas Festival hosted by Raymond Gubbay, we are being blessed with live music by two of the greatest composers of all time, all at once!


hans zimmer vs williams composer

John Williams is an American composer and conductor who has worked on the score of more than 100 films. He is one my favorite composers for obvious reasons. He has worked on classics such as; SUPERMAN, Jurassic Park, Indiana Jones, Harry Potter, Star Wars, Jaws and many more! Although Williams’ unfortunately rarely composes new film scores, he is a living legend and is highly regarded for his work by many, including me.

Zimmer is a German award winning composer and conductor, who has worked on numerous films. Those films include Inception, Gladiator, Pirates Of The Caribbean. He also has a very close link with DC Films especially, having done the scores for The Dark Knight, Man Of Steel (which means the flight scene!), Batman V Superman AND he has just been announced for Wonder Woman 1984. Zimmer is my other favourite composer, and I am a huge fan of his work and the films that he has worked on.

Now, although the pair won’t be there conducting in person, Hans Zimmer v John Williams is still going to be a fantastic spectacle! The score will be performed by the London Concert Orchestra with Anthony Inglis conducting.

Hans Zimmer v John Williams takes place on Friday 28th December at 7.30pm in The Symphony Hall in Birmingham. Tickets are available now from the venue website, here. Tickets start from just £13.00 and can go up to £46.50, the prices depend on offers and where the seats are. Of course, the better seats will be the more expensive prices.

You can book a maximum of 10 tickets per person, and there are still plenty of seats still available. I have just bought my tickets to attend, and I cannot wait! Perhaps I’ll see you guys there!

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