Superman: Red Son Movie Confirmed?

Has a Superman: Red Son movie been confirmed? To many Superman fans Red Son is the ultimate graphic novel and many’s favourite Superman story – mine included. Although it doesn’t follow the standard themes of your average Superman book, it provides an EXCELLENT ‘elseworld’ story.

Superman Red Son

Red Son, which was released in 2003 and written by Mark Millar, has become one of the most iconic Superman stories ever and not to mention the brilliant Red Son suit! It is arguably THE most popular and successful elseworlds story to date. The book is very much a “what if?” notion, but boy does it make you think.

In an exclusive to Revenge Of The Fans, it has been confirmed that we are getting an animated Superman: Red Son movie. However they do state that it hasn’t officially been announced and to listen out for further announcements, which are likely to be at SDCC. I am ecstatic to hear about this, and I even said to someone on Reddit – “I’d read the book, I don’t think it will come to our screens anytime soon”. So you can imagine my surprise!

So far, we don’t know too much about the upcoming project, but we have confirmation and confirmed castings. It isn’t confirmed exactly who they are playing, but here is the list:

Amy Acker

amy acker superman red son

Anna Vocino

anna vocino superman red son

Deidrich Bader

Image result for Diedrich Bader Superman Red Son

Jim Ward

Superman Red Son

Greg Chun

Image result for greg chun

Jason Isaacs

Image result for jason Isaacs

Jason Spisak

Image result for jason spisak

Jim Meskimen

Image result for jim meskimen

Paul Williams

Image result for Paul Williams

Phil Lamarr

Image result for Phil Lamarr

Phil Morris

Image result for phil morris

Roger Craig Smith

Related image

Sasha Roiz

Image result for sasha roiz

Tara Strong

Image result for tara strong

Travis Willingham – has voiced Superman before, so I think he may be our Man of Steel!

Image result for Travis Willingham

Vanessa Marshall

Image result for vanessa marshall

Winter Zoli

Image result for winter zoli

You may recognise some of the names as a majority have previously voiced DC Characters in other animations, but Jason Isaacs is a great win for the movie.

According to RTF more info is likely emerge at SDCC 2019, with a potential release date of 2020. Thank you Revenge of The Fans, you have made my YEAR already. I am very excited about this film, and will fully support it throughout it’s release. And with a cast like that, it is only destined for SUPER things!

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