First Look At Bizarro Action Figure By Mattel

We finally have a first look at the Bizarro action figure by Mattel. Our beloved Bizarro, just doesn’t get enough attention. Although he is one of the famous Superman villains, we just can’t get enough of him. He is the polar opposite to Superman and there’s something very intriguing about that!

Well, it has been confirmed late last year that Mattel are releasing a Bizarro Action Figure, and it has been released this month! I must say, I am very impressed with it so far and will definitely be adding this to my collection.

Bizarro Action Figure Mattel

Look at it! The tone of the skin is spot on, and I love the ‘Bizarro N.1’ medallion on his chest. From what we can see it looks fairly posable. For any fans of the villain, this is a must. It stands at 6 inches tall, which is fairly small, based on this I would expect it to be around £20.00-£25.00 when it comes to the UK, but the exact price hasn’t yet been announced.

My favourite thing about this Bizarro action figure is the way it is packaged. Just as Bizarro is the opposite Superman, they really have reflected this in the packaging! He is boxed BACKWARDS! I love that, it is such a nice touch and a great nod to his character and personality.

Bizarro Superman Action Figure Mattel

This Bizarro action figure is exclusive to Walgreens in the US. There have been no announcements so far as to where us Superman fans in the UK can get it from, but I’m sure there will be some announcements soon. It has been released already in the USA, so head to your local shop to get yours, I imagine they will sell out pretty quickly!

Bravo Mattel, you have done a spectacular job!

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