REVIEW: Action Comics #1013

Action Comics #1013 is here and I have thoroughly enjoyed the re-emergence of Rose Forrest and her alter ego Thorn. Not only is her own life intriguing but the thought of her being targeted by Leviathan is tantalising. Have Leviathan bitten of more than they can chew? Well, before we find out just what is in store for Thorn lets checkout the covers.

Artist Jamal Campbell has created a really eye catching cover that sees Thorn take centre stage, leaving Rose helpless. I really like the idea of both Rose and Thorn being depicted simultaneously on the cover. It really highlights the sense of conflicting emotions the character must constantly feel. The artwork is fantastic, and really shows the emotions of the characters, especially when it comes to Thorn and Rose.

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Industry legend Frank Quitely has  created a very dynamic portrait piece that spotlights Lex Luthor. The portrait is part of the “Year Of The Villain” theme, and it really is quintessential Luthor. There aren’t too many artists out there with such a distinct art style and he captures the arrogance of Lex like no other.

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The issue opens up with a very intriguing encounter between Miss Leone and Lex Luthor. This whole segment feels very isolated from the rest of the issue however I feel that was the intention, as it covers the ‘Year of the Villain’ aspect of the issue. I absolutely adore Leone’s dialogue and how she handles herself during this encounter. She is caught off guard and perhaps even somewhat vulnerable having just come out of the shower. However after the initial shock of seeing Luthor’s drone hovering in her home diminishes, her anger and self-assured temperament takes over. Leone clearly values the sanctity of her home as she is clearly outraged by the invasion of privacy perpetrated against her.

As the issue progresses we find Perry White and Robinson Goode take part in a fiery exchange as Perry wants to learn just how exactly Robinson landed the Leviathan story. Us as the reader are already aware of this due to the last issue, where Robinson fortuitously encountered Rose Forrest. Robinson relays all of this to Perry including Thorn’s encounter with Leviathan soldiers. For me this whole sequence was very informative. I really feel that Leone has rubbed off a lot on Robinson. She came across very feisty and self-assured during this exchange with Perry. This is definitely the first time Robinson’a personality has really taken centre stage. We are now starting to see what kind of influence Leone has over Robinson, not only professional but personally too. Having such a dynamic and powerful woman in your corner is bound to boost your confidence.

We as the reader got to learn more about Thorn and her routine, especially regarding her nocturnal activities and how they effect Rose when that specific persona re-establishes control. This is definitely a character I want to see more of now that we are getting to explore more of her intriguing backstory and life.

Thorn fends off yet another Leviathan attack in a very violent fashion, but luckily Superman steps in for the save and of course, being Superman he attempts to reason with them. Once again the dialogue in this sequence is just so revealing. The language the Leviathan soldier uses towards Superman is very respectful. The use of the word ‘sir’ is very telling. Leviathan most certainly must be imparting onto his/her people that Superman and the other heroes are men and women to be proud of, to be respected and appreciated for all their tireless efforts. Superman addressing the Leviathan soldier as ‘son’ is a perfect example of Superman’s greatest power – forgiveness and redemption. This is a really lovely moment for me. It doesn’t seem to matter how far down the wrong path you go, Superman will always find the good in you and truly believe there is always away back for you.

This segment closes with Superman attempting to remove the armor off of the leviathan soldier, only for it to detonate with the same energy that we have seen leviathan utilize in the past.  This reinforces Superman’s theory that the energy used isn’t so much destructive, but lends itself more to transference as Superman finds himself relocated. For me this really says a lot about Leviathan, and how they believe themselves to be the good guys. They really are trying to keep collateral damage down to a minimum. I definitely believe now that other victims of Leviathan attacks could also very well be displaced as apposed to deceased, which makes Leviathan a more complicated villain that we first anticipated.

As the issue comes to an end, the audience is hit with one hell of a right hook as Lex continues his rounds, this time visiting Robinson Goode. This scene is definitely a game changer and it plays out like an epic after credit scene. I cannot wait to see what is in store for her next and what implications it will have for Superman in the not to distant future.

This issue didn’t feature too much Superman, but thanks to Brian Bendis’s brand new additions to the Man of Steel’s supporting cast this was a highly enjoyable issue. It really kept the ball rolling between ‘Event Leviathan’ with issue #3 on the way. All of Bendis’s newly created characters since working at DC Comics not only featured in this issue, but others such as Naomi and Melody Moore are all totally engaging and characters I can’t wait to learn more about. Once again, Artist Szymon Kudranski delivered on art duties providing a more realistic art style that really lends itself to the gritty, edgy tone of this story. Action Comics #1013 really adds to the intrigue behind Leviathan and I am hooked!

Haven’t picked up Action Comics #1013 yet? You can order your copy of the standard cover by Jamal Campbell here. Or the variant cover by Frank Quitely here (UK), or here (US).

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