REVIEW: Lois Lane #7

Lois Lane #7 is here and we are coming towards the end of the maxi-series, we are constantly brought action packed issues, and this one is no exception. Each week I get more and more excited to read this book, and that is only growing.

First up, let’s check out the covers. Interior artist Mike Perkins brings us the standard cover, and although it’s rather simplistic, it really works and fits with the theme of the series. I like that it gives next to nothing away, and for me I always find myself looking into these small details to try and get some answers. Like I said it’s simple and real, but it just works.

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Photo Credit: DC Entertainment

This incredible variant cover is by Yasmine Putri. I was first introduced to her work on the horror variants for DCEASED, and I have become a huge fan of hers. Her work is incredible, and this piece is no exception. I absolutely adore it. I love the parallel here, Lois yielding the iconic Superman pose and it looks so good on her. Her job is her super power, and that is showcased perfectly here. The background is just gorgeous too, I love it really captures Lois as a person what she is all about. This is the best Lois cover to date.

lois lane 7 cover
Photo Credit: DC Entertainment

Te issue begins in Wolverhampton UK as Lois goes undercover as a nun to meet Jessica – a woman we were previously introduced to who Leviathan had tried to kill. She is incredibly paranoid and confused, and doesn’t remember who she is. Since we first saw Jessica I’ve wanted to find out more about why she’s involved. However, even now this isn’t really explained at all, and I feel we are no closer to knowing that encounter was all about. With that being said I’m sure more will be explained and revealed as the issues progress.

That scene abruptly ends as Lois is caught on camera kissing Superman. To me and you that is no problem as we know the secret, but to those trying to get the scoop this means she is having an affair. I’m assuming that this took place before Superman #18, where he revealed his true identity. I love the way that Lois handles this. She doesn’t care what anyone thinks about her, her life or her choices. In this respect you can see how much it will be a relief for the married pair. Clark no longer has to see people slander his wife for this so called “affair” and Lois’ reputation will no longer be tarnished.

Going back to them being caught, I love the way that this is first introduced – as if it were a gunshot. With all that’s gone on, it certainly isn’t out of the question. It’s very cleverly done both through the writing by Greg Rucka, and also the artwork by Perkins. This scene also lead me to think that Superman knew that the reporter was there. The reason I say this is because as soon as Renee Montoya gets rid of the reporter and takes his camera, Superman shows up to question her methods. Did Superman know he was there getting the picture?

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, but I just love Renee Montoya. I love her attitude, her charisma, her cockiness. She is just so bad-ass. Although Lois as paid her for her protection, it seems that she is looking out for her in more ways than that. She is trying to help Lois by protecting her, helping her investigation and also mentally it seems. An unlikely friendship, but a loyal one. She isn’t interested in the bullshit or what people think of Lois. In a way they are both very similar and I really have enjoyed getting to know her throughout this series.

The artwork yet again throughout Lois Lane #7 remains consistent. I love that artist Mike Perkins has not only provided us with the covers for this series, but also the interior artwork throughout. Just like the covers, the art inside remains incredibly realistic and grounded. I love the contrast of seeing such a dark city as a backdrop, and then seeing our Man of Steel in his primary coloured suit against it. It just really shows what Superman means to this city, he really is the beacon of hope and it’s shown perfectly through this subtle detail.

Lois Lane #7 ends with yet another incredibly huge cliffhanger. Renee finds out who is ordering Lois’ assassination and gives her proof to do what she does best – write a story, but it isn’t enough. Lois faces yet another attack, but this time not only on her, but also Montoya. This attack is much closer to home as someone manages to get access to her suite, in order to catch her off-guard. I will say this though, I was rather surprised that Lois just accepted and didn’t question the change of the cleaner in her apartment, especially at this crazy time in her life. When I saw that it was a different persona and Lois asked where her usual cleaner was, I though something was off. Surely Lois, this incredibly talented investigative reporter did too?

We also see the communications between the person that arranged it and the assassin that carried out the attack. This is the part that really raised a lot of questions for me. Is it the person they think that wants Lois dead? The reason I question this is because the identity of the person sending the messages is still hidden. Surely if we knew who it was already this wouldn’t need to be so secretive? Who is the person carrying out the attack? And why do they want her dead? The person responsible was willing to TRIPLE the pay to carry it out, so it’s clear that they are incredibly powerful and are desperate for it to be done. But why? And who is it really?

Lois Lane #7 was just so explosive (pun intended), it was full of action and I really enjoyed it. This series still has that same feel it had when it first started and I really love that about it. It’s dark, gritty and incredibly entertaining. But each time a question gets answered, another arises. Greg Rucka is a master at always keeping you on your feet when it comes to his storytelling and I am absolutely here for it.

Haven’t picked up your copy of Lois Lane #7 yet? You can get the standard cover by Mike Perkins here (UK), or here (US). Or if you prefer the variant cover by Yasmine Putri you can get that here.

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