REVIEW: Superman #19

Superman #19 is here and the truth is out, now its time to see how the world acclimatizes to the news that Clark Kent and Superman are one and the same.

The main cover for this issue is created by interior artist Ivan Reis and sees Superman shedding his alter ego so to speak as he disrobes from his civilian attire. The image is a perfect representation of what is at the heart of this latest story arc. It really captures the theme of new beginnings and the start of a new era.

superman 19 cover
Photo Credit: DC Entertainment

The variant cover is created by the legendary Bryan Hitch which depicts Superman skimming the streets of Metropolis while in flight. The smile on Superman’s face really does say it all. I love the fact that Superman is enjoying his new status quo. It was a big step to take and the fact that he is now reaping the benefits feels me with joy. Superman is a character that was meant to smile.

superman 19 cover variant
Photo Credit: DC Entertainment

If you like your Superman comics full of hope and optimism for the future then this is the issue for you. Well, for the most part anyway. This issue certainly provides the feel good factor as Perry and Clark discuss the logistics of having Superman write for the Daily Planet. This exchange encompasses not only Perry and Clark, but all of the Planet Staff too.

The profound sense of love and good will towards Clark radiating off of these pages is palpable. The Daily Planet staff hugging and applauding Clark, laying their eyes upon him as if for the first time in a new light is just beautiful. When Clark revealed the truth about himself to the world, this very act raised a number of questions. Specifically regarding the safety of The Daily Planet now that the world knows Superman works there. 

Now by no means was it a perfect answer but it certainly worked for me especially when you have read as many comics as I have. Something that did put a smile on my face was Perry bringing up Clark’s ‘hot mess’ persona or lack there of now that Clark has outed himself. Clark acknowledging that this maybe a truer representation of himself than any of us had previously thought is just so sweet and endearing.

As the issue progresses the audience is treated to the most spectacular of splash pages. One depicts Superman going about his business as usual while the denizens of Metropolis look on adoringly, while the other showcases Superman entering a packed out Hall of Justice full of DC Comics’ finest gathered to salute The Man of Steel. Ivan Reis artwork throughout this issue, specifically these pages is breathtaking. Every heroic act and every facial expression captures so much depth and sense of emotion. Superman and The League have never looked better under Ivan Reis’ stewardship.

Superman #19 comes to a close with the most epic of encounters between Superman and a classic villain who has been somewhat of punch bag of late. This villain has popped up in so many Superman family titles recently seemingly just to get pummeled. I was starting to believe that this was either an inside joke or perhaps that it was more than just a coincidence

Once again, Ivan Reis’ artwork is stunning throughout this issue especially regarding the fight scenes. The fight scene closing out the issue is just so large in scope. It really does feel like the gods walk among us or in this case, fight. You can feel every sinew strain, every muscle flex and every grimace etched across the face of our combatants. This issue of Superman really provides the feel good factor, and I love it. Bendis’ playful dialogue really accentuates the warmth, understanding and acceptance towards Clark by his fellow peers.

Superman #19 is an outstanding read that really highlights just what exactly Superman means to Metropolis as well as the superhero community. I for one cannot wait to see the further reactions of our heroes and villains.

Haven’t picked up your issue yet? You can get the standard cover by Ivan Reis here (UK), or here (US). Or if you prefer the variant cover by Bryan Hitch, you can pick that up here.

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