REVIEW: Superman: Heroes #1

Superman: Heroes #1 is here and to be honest, this was a very nice surprise that I hadn’t heard about until I read Superman #19 and since I read that this issue was coming out, I’ve been excited ever since. I didn’t really know what to expect, but assumed it had big precautions simply because of the cover.

I absolutely adore this cover by the legendary Bryan Hitch, with colours by Alex Sinclair of course. We see Superman sharing his secret with his nearest and dearest, and potentially for the first time to his superhero peers. Just from the cover it is clear what this issue is going to be about, their thoughts on his big reveal. The joy on all of their faces (except Batman of course), is clearly a huge relief for him, and just shows the support and love that they have for him. This cover is very heartwarming to see, and I believe that is the intention.

Photo Credit: DC Entertainment

This issue shows yet more heart and reactions around Superman’s decision to tell everyone the truth as to who he really is – Clark Kent. Personally although the big reveal was very well carried out by Bendis in the Superman series, I feel that this was much needed, to go back and relive more reactions, especially when it came to Lois and his superhero peers.

I have to say, with all of the goings on of the series (Action Comics & Superman), it’s nice to see some light shed on the lighthearted side of Superman in a playful moment. In this case having a sweet discussion with a group of children regarding what they should call him from now on. For me it’s these moments that really make Superman who he is, despite the huge disasters, problems and accidents that he helps to avoid and avert, he still cares about absolutely everyone whether they are in need or not.

I love how this issue showcased the many and very contradicting thoughts of the his superhero peers. This section really reminded my of the style that Tom King used in every issue of Heroes In Crisis. Each reflection sheds a light on what they really think about the situation, but also why they wouldn’t take that risk. This just goes to show how big a step that Superman/Clark has taken, and he is respected for it.

I’m a sucker to see Superman/Clark Kent go back to his roots, it’s so nice to see him acknowledge his upbringing and unselfish actions as a child this way. Usually we see flashbacks to him growing up in Smallville, we rarely see him go back as Superman. It goes to show how humble Superman really is and how thankful he is to those that helped him and made him the man he is today.

Now I may have said a few times in previous reviews that I’m not a huge fan of multiple writers and artists working on one issue. For me sometimes the issue seems disjointed, incoherent and for me it just really breaks up the flow. For this rather extended issue, that was not a problem. I admit the art styles and colour palettes of those involved (Maguire, Perkins, Lieber, Norton & Godlewski) are completely different, but it really showcases the personalities of each hero that the section is focused around, and that is a skill in itself. The way that it effortlessly switches between Superman & Booster Gold along with the bright and playful use of colours to Diana Prince and Bruce Wayne in a gritty and dark Gotham is just incredible.

Throughout the artwork is stellar, there are so many different styles as mentioned, but I have to say I do have a favourite page. That is the page that features Superman & Jimmy Olsen mid flight across the skies of Metropolis. This piece is by Steve Lieber, and I have it is my favourite piece of his work to date. It’s beautiful and just timeless.

The writing of this issue is really cohesive as well, not one bit seems disjointed as the issue seamlessly switches writers as the scenes change. Bendis, Fraction and Rucka have really captured what Superman is all about, and what Superman means to everyone, including us as readers.

Superman Heroes #1 really fills in the gaps between the antics of Superman and Action Comics as a series. It’s a perfect introduction to the huge change that is about to happen for the DC universe. This feels to me like a bit of a love letter to Superman and his relationship with those around him and passion for what he does.

Although I loved the issues that covered and still continue to cover the response to this big news, for me some of the reactions felt a bit brushed under the rug if you will. This issue really brought all of that back to us. I thought this was a fantastic read that brought several smiles to my face. Although it wasn’t full of action, it was full of emotion, and for me that was fantastic. If the bombshell that is dropped at the end of the issue is anything to go by, Lois & Clark’s lives are going to change considerably.

I was always curious as to what this one shot issue was going to be about, and now that I know I am very excited to see what Superman: Villains has in store for us. What do the enemies of Superman have to say about his reveal? I guess we will soon find out!

Haven’t picked up your issue yet? You can pick up Superman: Heroes #1 with cover art by Bryan Hitch here (UK), or here (US).

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