REVIEW: Action Comics #1020

Action Comics #1020 ushers in the final few moments leading upto the action orignally depicted back in Action Comics #1017. This theme is very much reflected on the main cover for this issue.

Interior artist John Romita Jr has created a very busy looking cover as the battle of Metropolis takes centre stage. Like with previous covers in the run, this cover looks more like an interior page, however I do love how powerful Superman looks in this piece. Taking on two heavy hitters at once is  certainly a challenge, and that is certainly reflected in Superman’s facial expression. It’s not often we see Superman pushed to his limit on a cover. For me this really cranks up the treat and jeopardy at play.

Photo Credit: DC Entertainment

The variant cover is created by Lucio Parillo and is very cinematic indeed. Superman looks very realistic and totally intense as he fly towards us. The perspective of this piece is very ambitous and captured with great skill. This piece is a true work of art and I love it.

Photo Credit: DC Entertainment

Action Comics #1020 sees Superman join forces with Young Justice moments before he engages The Legion head on in Shuster Park. I really adore this exchange. Seeing the awe and respect etched on the faces of our teen heroes as they stand in the presence of not only The Hall of Justice but The Man of Steel himself gave me chills. This kind of exchange really highlights Superman’s importance and standing in the DC Universe.

This exhange also features a very highly anticipated first encounter between Superman and Connor Kent AKA Superboy. Not to be confused with Jonathan Kent who also goes by the name of Superboy. This is a rather confusing encounter considering Connor’s somewhat convoluted history thanks to numerous alterations to the characters standing regarding continuity.

However, this encounter is made so incredibly palatable all thanks to Bendis’ organic dialogue that flows beautifully between the pair. Seeing Superman work alongside the teen heroes of The DC Universe is a real treat. The admiration and respect Superman has for Young Justice is awe-inspiring. It really is Superman’s greatest strength. The belief he has in others and their potential.

As the issue progresses, the battle of Metropolis rages on. Scenes familiar and new are highlighted as The Justice League enters the fray. The methodical way this battle has been constructed over the last few issues has added so much depth and anticipation to proceedings. The creative team of Bendis and John Romita Jr have certainly made me feel invested in the events transpiring in the heart of Metropolis.

This is another wonderful issue of Action Comics. This whole storyarc has been incredible with each issue delivering sequences that give the overall narrative nothing but depth and character development. Leviathan once again benefits from this as the character consistently grows and evolves.

Leviathan’s machinations are very intricate and that is very much on display in this issue. Leviathan easily stands shoulder to shoulder with some of DC Comics’ most established characters, and he can more than hold his own. This is a character I cannot get enough of and I can’t wait to see what happens next.    

John Romita Jr artwork in this issue is incredible. The devastation and destruction featured looks and feels overwhelming and immense.  The ramifications as a result of the acts of violence perpetrated feel real. The cause and effect featured feels real. The stakes feel high and that is firmly down to the creative team, and the unique and intricate manner in which they have approached this story-arc.

Action Comics #1020 is a thrilling chapter in this compelling story-arc. I for one cannot wait to see how this epic encounter concludes.    

Haven’t picked up your issue of Action Comics #1020 yet? You can pick up the standard issue by John Romita Jr here (UK), or here (US). Or if you prefer the variant cover, you can pick that up here.

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  1. I hope after everything calms down Clark and Conner have a good long talk. And I really hope DC takes a page from YOUNG JUSTICE: TAS and make them brothers. But I do not want Conner to lose the name “Superboy”. He earned it.

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