REVIEW: Lois Lane #9

Lois Lane #9 is here and after the explosive events of the last issue, proceedings take a decidedly slower turn of pace within the pages of Lois Lane #9. This, however is an important issue none the less, as Lois and Renee look to shed new light on the shadows that look to build around them. 

Regarding the covers for this issue, Interior artist Mike Perkins has created a very politically charged piece as Lois comes face to face with the very real issue of immigration. I’m a huge fan of artists and writers incorporating current affairs into the medium. The migrants depicted in this piece gathered behind a chain link fence are characterized as faceless masses. This is a very clever concept. Not only does it share a visual resemblance to Renee Montoya’s alter ego ‘The Question’ but it also highlights just how disconnected we can be as a society.

lois lane 9
Photo Credit: DC Entertaiment

The variant cover created by Bilquis Evely and Mat Lopes depicts Lois Lane out in the field and investigating the latest happenings and goings-on. By no means is this cover as profound as Mike Perkins effort, however the variant does include a certain amount charm. This piece would work wonderfully as the cover of a YA novel. 

lois lane 9
Photo Credit: DC Entertainment

The issue begins with Renee Montoya looking for information regarding the identity of ‘Kiss of death’, Lois’s would-be assassin. Renee of course looks toward Gotham and to The Batman for answers. This whole sequence looks fantastic. The realistic detail that has gone into Gotham’s architecture captures the notoriously moody tone of the city perfectly. The red hues seen throughout these pages really highlight the atmosphere our characters are inhabiting. These scenes feel like a realistic interpretation of the Batman animated series.

Mike Perkins’ interpretation of Batman is perfect. The characters mannerisms and movements are all quintessential. I love the use of the shadows and the night within these pages. These elements just add so much weight and gravity to the situation. For all the tense and moody imagery depicted, there is certainly some levity to be found specifically in the dialogue. Batman and Renee’s exchange features some really nice moments that definitely made me smile. Writer Greg Rucka certainly highlights Batman’s dark sense of humor in this issue and I love that.

As the issue progresses, Lois puts her investigative reporter hat on as she seeks to discover the location of her former housemaid who was used to get to her. Lois’ tenacity and fearlessness really is palpable. These scenes are very special indeed as Lois exhibits a plethora of emotions. Lois is of course known for her forthrightness, however this can make the character feel infallible. This issue really shows just how mutli-faceted a character Lois can be. This issue also sees the return of a character not seen for quite some time within the pages of DC Comics, who was created by Greg Rucka back in 2002 and has ties to the infamous organisation known as Checkmate.

At times, Lois Lane #9 feels a bit like an interim issue. The events depicted are of course important and highly relevant, however the peril and intensity featured in previous issue just isn’t there. Greg Rucka’s writing is just sensational. The inclusion of real world political affairs such as migration is very on brand for Greg Rucka. The themes explored in this issue only adds to the weight and realism cultivated by this incredible creative team.

Lois Lane #9 has really started to mix political intrigue and crime noir storytelling with the world of the supernatural. At first this combination really didn’t appeal to me, however the way in which it has been handled has been superb. Placing a character who could be considered unfamiliar yet an established member of the DC Universe at the heart of this melding of two worlds is very clever indeed. The possibilities in this instance are endless 

Lois Lane is a series that continues to go from strength to strength. I for one cannot wait to see where issue #10 takes us as we get ever closer to the final issue.              

Haven’t picked up your issue yet? You can pick up your standard cover by Mike Perkins here (UK), or here (US). Or if you prefer the variant cover by Bilquis Evely, you can get that here.

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