REVIEW: Batman/Superman #8

Batman/Superman #8 is here and after seeing the jaw-dropping cliffhanger in the previous issue, I have been dying to see what happens next for Batman/Superman #8. Joshua Williamson really used and stretched both his and our own imaginations bringing us a scenario that we have never seen before.

Firstly though, let’s look at the covers. The main cover by Nick Derington is absolutely heartbreaking. If you are familiar with Superman history, you’ll know how dear The Bottled City Of Kandor is to Superman. And if you caught the issue before, you’ll know exactly what it’s fate was. This cover is very effective and instantly makes you feel somber, that just goes to show how incredible of an artist Nick Derington really is, as instigating an immediate emotional response is difficult to do.

Photo Credit: DC Entertainment

The variant cover by Andy Kubert and Brad Anderson is just as effective. Whilst it doesn’t deliver an emotional response for me, it certainly gets me pumped for the issue to come. Kubert is a master of delivering and creating action sequences and this cover is no exception. You can see the sheer mass that is Superman and Batman as they soar and run towards the reader. For me I love the little details the most, the detail and colours used in the background of Gotham is just so effective and so realistic, I adore it.

Photo Credit: DC Entertainment

This mix of incredibly powerful and intelligent villains was bad news from the start. At the start of the issue I was curious as to where the citizens of Kandor would go and what they would do. That was quickly cut short as Ra’s Al Ghul soon sealed it’s fate much to the horror of General Zod and our hero Superman. Williamson has perfectly showcased exactly what the effects of the Lazarus Pit were and what it can be capable of. Many villains and heroes have used it and have underestimated it, and Zod has learned that the hard way.

This whole story with General Zod really brings back memories of Man Of Steel, and that is an absolute delight. I say this in the sense that he is trying to bring back a part of the Kryptonian legacy, and is willing to do absolutely anything to do so and stop anyone that gets in his way. Williamson has presented Zod to be a complicated villain with blurred and questionable motives, just like Zack Snyder did. Whilst we are all on Superman and Batman’s side, Zod’s reasoning behind this plot is clearly understandable, it just wasn’t executed properly, or was it?

I have to say that my favourite moment of this entire issue was the use of an ICONIC General Zod line. “Kneel before Zod” was flipped and used on himself, as he once again underestimates the situation, in this case his opponent. With all that was going on with these powerhouses of villains taking each other on, Superman was out of action attempting to save Kandor after Ra’s’ sudden and almost damning act. Although I adore reading Superman in comics, I did love the room and space that Williamson allowed Batman to take centre stage as he resonated with Zod in a way that Superman would never be able to.

Batman/Superman #8 closes with Superman giving all of his efforts to protect, save and restore The Bottled City Of Kandor, just as he does issue by issue for Earth. Whilst the outcome is a huge relief for him and readers alike, we find out some disturbing news regarding half of Kandor’s population. This whole scene just showcases the intelligence and forward thinking skills that General Zod possesses. He did not risk everything, he took precautions and it goes to show how rational he is as a villain, he is in complete control at all times.

Nick Derington’s artwork is much more cartoonistic compared to David Marquez’s artwork. But I have to say each and every panel is illustrated perfectly and really adds to the shocking moments and dramatics of the issue as a whole. The use of simplistic background really allowed Derington to draw focus to the characters and action sequences in this issue and that was something that was required for this issue I believe.

Haven’t picked up your issue of Batman/Superman #8 yet? You can pick up the standard cover by Nick Derington here (UK), or here (US). Or if you prefer the variant cover by Andy Kubert, you can pick that up here.

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