Sideshow Release Action Comics #1 Pewter Collectible

It seems a lot of my posts are focused around Sideshow Collectibles at the moment, well it’s not my fault they keep releasing incredible Superman collectibles!

This time they have spoiled us well and truly with not just one collectible, but a variant as well. Introducing the Limited Edition Action Comics #1 Pewter Collectible Figurine, and my god it is gorgeous!

For Superman fans this comic book as incredibly iconic. In fact, it’s probably the most wanted comic book in the worth, it most definitely is the most valuable. Personally I love to have as many iterations of this comic book as I possibly can.

This piece is priced at $490.00 and is made from pewter and is limited to 800 pieces worldwide. Not only that but it also comes with a certificate of authenticity, which is a great touch for collectors.

Well, I did say there were two releases and I have to say the second one is even more beautiful than the first, but comes with a much higher price tag. That price tag is mostly down to how limited this piece really is, but my god it is spectacular!

This gilt variant is priced at $790 and is limited to just 200 pieces worldwide. The fact that this piece has a black and cover really just makes the gilt finish pop on this one.

Both pieces are expected to ship between September and November of this year and is available to pre-order now from the Sideshow Collectibles website. For the silver pewter figure you can order here, or if you prefer the gilt pewter figure, you can get that here.

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