REVIEW: Batman/Superman #13

Batman/Superman #13 is finally here and ever since the throwback introductions from the previous issue, I have been eagerly awaiting it’s release. Well, the wait is over and Joshua Williamson has delivered us yet another awesome issue.

Before we get into that, let’s talk about the covers. The standard cover is by David Marquez with colours by Alejandro Sanchez, and it is one hell of a feast for the eyes! Our two heroes are fighting erratically against some of their most well known villains. There is so much going on in this cover, everywhere you look you see a new villain or new detail which is just incredible and that is enhanced by Sanchez’s colours as it allows us to easily identify who is who.

BATMAN/SUPERMAN #13 – The Aspiring Kryptonian
Photo Credit: DC Entertainment

The variant cover is by Mark Brooks and sweet baby Jesus it is fantastic. I love absolutely everything about it, the bold colours, the incredibly realistic shading and coloring, but most of all the classic costumes. This is a piece that I want framed on my wall, it is beautiful and a real showstopper.

The Aspiring Kryptonian - Batman/Superman #13
Photo Credit: DC Entertainment

It’s safe to say that this issue is an absolute SLUGFEST! Essentially we have both Batman and Superman’s most notorious villains in robotic form taking on Superman, Batman, Steel and Batwoman in a series of tests. Those tests see Superman and Batman going head to head with these villains and their captor attempts to fully understand the ins and outs of them and their strengths. But of course, this isn’t just for fun… there is a master plan behind it all.

I feel like this whole issue is about delving into the reasoning behind our heroes and villains life decisions and personalities. Sometimes I feel like this isn’t explored enough and I love that Joshua Williamson has taken the time to reiterate what makes Superman and Batman thrive. In this issue we get to understand why they took the path that they did and why do they do what they do.

When broken down it really highlights how similar they are to their arch-enemies, in this case Joker and Lex Luthor. So it’s very interesting to see them explore why they took a different path, but it’s also very interesting that they know and understand their nemesis’s so well. In fact, almost too well. For Batman and The Joker they are both working through some sort of anger and rage, and for Superman and Lex Luthor they both want to be a hero, but for very different reasons.

Not only that but I have to admit, both Batman and Superman are rather brutal with the robotic versions of their villains and that is pointed out in the issue. The reasoning behind that is the fact that they aren’t the real deal and they are in a space where they can really go to town on them. It’s great to see that to be honest, however it sheds so much light on how much they really do hold back on them and why.

It was also great to see Superman and Steel together again, this issue has made me realise that I want a new book featuring those very characters. Williamson’s character choices throughout this whole series has been perfection, each choice has had such a nostalgic feel to it.

As for the artwork by Max Raynor, well it is just glorious and it brings so much life to the issue. The colours by Alejandro Sanchez have a slight neon palette and I have to say it really works in this issue. Each page is a feast for the eyes with both artwork and colour, each panel pops right off the page. Raynor is a master at capturing action and emotion in his work and that’s only enhanced with the colours by Sanchez. I hope to see the pair working together on these characters more often, they compliment each other’s work so well.

Batman/Superman #13 is a really great and action packed issue which delves into the ‘why‘ when it comes to our heroes and villains. I really loved seeing them give it their all against their robotic counterparts and I am very excited to see the upcoming fight. If the last page is anything to go by we are in for one hell of a battle!

Haven’t picked up your copy of Batman/Superman #13 yet? You can get the standard cover by David Marquez and Alejandro Sanchez here (UK), or here (US). Or if you prefer the variant cover by Mark Brooks, you can get that here.

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