REVIEW: Man Of Tomorrow #18

Man Of Tomorrow #18 is here and each and every week I eagerly await the next issue. I think I say this with every review I give for this series, but every issue is pure gold, yet completely different.

Let’s start with the cover which is by Christian Duce and Luis Guerrero. My god it is glorious. It’s a really different look for Superman, which I don’t think we have ever seen before. It looks to me like there are different aspects from other Justice League characters here too – Batman’s belt, Aquaman’s trident and Wonder Woman’s sword. The artwork is incredible, there is so much detail within the piece and I have to say the colours are magnificent, it creates a real adventure vibe to it which is reminiscent to Indiana Jones. This cover instantly draws you in and I have to say I love it!

Man Of Tomorrow #18 - The Aspiring Kryptonian
Photo Credit: DC Entertainment

Superman heads to his Fortress Of Solitude for a change of clothes and a bit of time with the Sun-Ray, only to find that someone else had gotten there before him and has overridden his security. He finds himself powerless as he is forced to use weapons from the rest of the Justice League to return the balance, get his powers back and apprehend the villain.

It’s safe to say that this issue is extremely unique and completely different to anything I’ve personally ever read. Writer Brandon Thomas certainly has shed a different light on Superman, he is still the hero we know and love, but has to utilise different methods and manners in order to do right in this situation.

I’ve always been a fan of seeing Superman lose his powers, not because it evens the scoreboard with the villain, but I love seeing him having to use different methods to put things right. A lot of people say that Superman is overpowered and relies on his strength and powers to be the hero that he is, but that is not the case. For him, it’s a mindset and he still has the knowledge and capability to save the day regardless of whether he has them or not. So personally, I love that Brandon Thomas has tapped into this and I have to say I don’t think I ever expected to see Superman riding and talking to a Shark. Like I said it’s something different, and sometimes it’s fun to explore that.

I will say though, that because it’s a one shot story it does seem very random. I feel like we didn’t really get to know or find out what it was all for, and what the villain actually wanted to gain by doing this to Superman. So I think perhaps an extra issue and a little more explanation would have gone a long way. With that said I did love the adventure-esque feel to it, there were moments that reminded me of Indiana Jones or something similar, which I really appreciated.

The artwork by Christian Duce with colours by Luis Guerrero is incredible. It’s so vibrant and detailed, I feel it really adds to the issue as a whole. In this issue we visit several different atmospheres from jungle, to the sea, to the Fortress and without even spending time to look at the details you instantly know where you are. That is down to the incredible artwork and colours. It’s safe to say that Duce draws a powerful looking Superman even when he is left powerless.

Overall, I admit this isn’t the strongest issue of the Man Of Tomorrow series, but I did thoroughly enjoy it. It’s unique, full of action and adventure and certainly shows Superman’s tenacity even when situations are made difficult for him. I’m very much looking forward to seeing what comes next in this series.

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