REVIEW: Legion Of Superheroes #10

Legion Of Superheroes #10 is here and The Legion are spread far and wide across the galaxy tending to a variety of issues that range from personal to political. So brush up on your Interlac, because here we go! 

Cue the steamy music, look at that main cover! It’s our hero, Jonathan Kent Superboy, with his newly established love interest, Saturn Girl! A caption says “First Kiss” as Saturn Girl leans in to plant one on the son of Superman. It’s another beautiful, framable cover by Ryan Sook. I really love the use of colours here, it’s quite vibrant yet romantic, and it draws the attention right to where it needs to be. The textless version is particularly wall-worthy.

Cover] Legion of Super-Heroes #10 (by Ryan Sook) : DCcomics
Photo Credit: DC Entertainment

Our variant cover by Darko LaFuente and German Garcia is also pretty neat, showcasing a few of The Legion’s leading ladies posing for a dramatic group shot. Here we have pictured Saturn Girl, Triplicate Girl (my favorite), Dreamer, and I believe, Shadowlass. They all look great here! The artwork has a slight anime feel to it, which really compliments these characters. The colour palette used here really adds a feminine feel to this cover, which really adds to the “girl power” theme.

Legion of Super-Heroes #10
Photo Credit: DC Entertainment

Okay, story time. Or should I say STORIES time. Because as I mentioned, The Legion has broken into several groups spread across The Galaxy. There are some really cool reveals here. For instance, we get a glimpse of a VERY different 31st Century Oa, as Brainiac and company drop off last arc’s villain to be incarcerated. We also get a cool development in the future leadership of The Legion.

Bendis once again shows his mastery over these characters. The dialogue and situations are just fantastic. He does an incredible job of juggling the many many characters and stories, stuffing this book full of content! There’s a particularly funny moment involving the 31st century version of Doctor Fate, which I really enjoyed.

We’re back down to a more reasonable amount of pencilers in the issue. Ryan Sook, Wade Von Grawbadger and Stephen Byrne do a great job with the artwork! I love the detail they put into the settings and characters, and the designs for some of the new characters appearing in this issue are fantastic. Colourist Jordie Bellaire really makes the book pop and have a fun lighthearted feel throughout as always.

Now for the Superman stuff, as advertised in the last Legion Review, we’re entering into some Superman heavy content here that may persuade you to pick up this title if you’ve been invested in Bendis’ Superman and Action runs. If you’re still not convinced though, I’m including spoilers from this point on, in case some of these great details and surprises entice you to become a Legion reader.

In Legion Of Superheroes #10, Superboy and Saturngirl are on a date mid-mission as they follow up on the threat of Mordru. They do indeed kiss, as the cover foretells, but I get the feeling this isn’t their first kiss. Especially since they’re kissing in the 31st century equivalent of a Buffalo Wild Wings. We get some great character interaction here, exploring the differences in the character’s backgrounds. It makes me excited to see a “meet the parents” moment in the future for both characters.

Superboy isn’t the only Superman character appearing in this book, and no, I’m not talking about Super-descendants. There are characters still alive from our modern day books in the 31st century! We see them as a group of Legionnaires travels to New Krypton to check on Mon-El, who recently quit the team because of a fight with his apparent ancestor, Superboy. I’m assuming this is the same New Krypton from the recent pre-Bendis run on Action, Superman, and Green Lantern.

There we find out some interesting things. For example, New Krypton is led by a truly kind and benevolent leader by the name of GENERAL ZOD. Not only that, but we find out that Mon-el is Zod’s great grandson! So Mon-el is now a descendant of Zod and Jon Kent!? Thanks a lot Dr. Manhattan! So apparently, Jon or one of his children or grandchildren marries a Zod, which is very interesting. And to top it all off at the end of the issue, our background bad guy Mordru, has set out to hire some muscle to deal with the newly arrived Superboy. Who should he seek out, but none other than, the still alive, Rogal-Zar! 

Things are really heating up and to my great delight becoming very super-centric! This is a fantastic issue that is full of revalations and shocks. I really can’t wait to find out more about all of this next issue!

Haven’t picked up Legion Of Superheroes #10 yet? You can get that standard cover by Ryan Sook here (UK), or here (US). Or if you prefer the variant cover by Darko LaFuente and German Garcia, you can get that here.

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