REVIEW: Superman #27

This week see’s the release of Superman #27, which is the penultimate issue within Bendis’ run.

Things have been building and building to this moment and I cannot wait to see the explosive finale. But before we get into the events of this issue, let’s take a look at the covers.

The standard cover is by the Superman dream team – Ivan Reis, with inks by Joe Prado and colours by Alex Sinclair. I posted this cover a few weeks back on my social media, because I love it. It is so simplistic yet so effective. Superman really pops off the page on this and that’s thanks to the dark background. Covers like this are so effective now becuase most covers tend to focus on the background details, this is a perfect example that shows that it isn’t always needed.

Review Superman #27 | The Aspiring Kryptonian
Photo Credit: DC Entertainment

The variant cover for Superman #27 is by Tony S Daniel, with inks by Danny Miki and colours by Marcelo Maiolo and my god it is gorgeous. Superman looks incredibly powerful and rather cheesed off in this cover. The artwork is so delicate and combined with the phenomenal colours by Maiolo it really sets the fiery atmosphere of the scene.

Superman #27 (Cover B - Tony S Daniel & Danny Miki Variant)
Photo Credit: DC Entertainment

It’s safe to say that Superman #27 is an action packed issue which showcases some of the very best traits of Superman. As the battle with Synmar continues, Superman frantically tries to communicate with him to avoid throwing the punches and reason with this unknown being. Instead Superman finds himself in unknown territory (quite literally) as he follows Synmar a little too far.

This is a very exciting issue, not only do we see more of Synmar and his persona, we also see another villain re-introduction – Xa-Du – another Kryptonian that had been banished to The Phantom Zone. Personally I am not all too familiar with him, but it would have been nice to see a little more of him in this issue. Although this moment was clearly added by writer Brian Bendis to make a statement – Synmar is not here to make friends or take sides. He has a purpose and he intends to fulfill it.

There are some great character interactions in this issue too, particularly with Lana and Lois. I personally haven’t read a comic where they have an inteaction, but this interaction goes to show just how similar they both are in personality traits. This moment also acted as a nice little breather between the action taking place in outer space.

There is also a rather innocent interaction with Superman and Synmar which was a little unexpected, though that innocence doesn’t last very long. I love how Superman tries to really break down the situation and communicate responsibly in the middle of a fight, though it’s not one that he wants to have.

Superman #27 just reinforces some of the many reasons that I love Superman so much. He is willing to go to unchartered territory (literally) to reason with someone who has relentlessly attacked him. He goes to a place that is completley unknown to him and to Kelex and is completely unaware of the implications or effects that their sun will have on him. Though this isn’t the best decision he has ever made, which he soon finds out, it just really showcases the great qualities of Superman – reasoning and understanding. Regardless of the previous actions of Synmar, he is willing to forgive all of that in order to understand his reason for being there.

The artwork in this issue is glorious and actually other-worldly, literally. Ivan Reis truly is a powerhouse when it comes to drawing Superman, it is instantly recognisable and he draws him with such confdence and strength. It is really a joy to see his artwork across each and every page.

That combined with inks by Danny Miki and colours by Alex Sinclair really just take this issue to the next level. The colours are on point and are so vivid, espeically when it comes to Synmar’s complexion and Superman’s suit. It is truly phenomenal, and each page, heck each panel is an full of detail, it really is a delight to see these threee working together.

Superman #27 is an action packed issue which highlights some of the best traits of Superman. I am very much looking forward to seeing where #28 takes us.

Haven’t picked up your issue of Superman #27 yet? You can get the standard cover by Ivan Reis here (UK), or here (US). Or if you prefer the variant cover by Tony S Daniel, you can get that here.

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