Beast Kingdom Release Dawn Of Justice Superman Statue

Beast Kingdom have released images of their latest Superman statue which is based on Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice.

Beast Kingdom have released images of their latest Superman statue which is based on Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice.

This is the first piece I’ve seen released based on the memorial statue in Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice, which I find quite surprising! It’s an iconic moment and is quite integral to the characters in the film series, so I expected to see more of a take up on this! The only other piece I’ve seen is the ‘False God Funko Pop‘, which sadly doesn’t carry the same pose.

Well, this piece completely makes up for it and it is packed full of detail, which I love. Here’s a look at the Dawn Of Justice Superman Statue by Beast Kingdom:

Like I said, the detail is phenomenal and it looks like it has been pulled straight from the film. Not only that, but it comes with an incredible feature which I absolutely adore… if you shine a purple UV light onto the piece, the words ‘False God’ appear on the chest. This is an excellent touch which pays perfect tribute to the film.

Beast Kingdom Superman Statue
Photo Credit: Beast Kingdom

Here is the official write up from Beast Kingdom:

Beast Kingdom’s ‘Entertainment Experience Brand’ proudly presents the Latest In the DC Memorial Statue series. The Mastercraft line of high-quality, handmade, and hand-painted statues, takes on the mighty Son Of Krypton, with the MC-040, Batman Vs Super: Dawn Of Justice Memorial Statue. As seen in the movie, Superman as played by Henry Cavil is depicted in a classic Greek God pose, carrying the weight of the universe in his hands. Yet not all is positive, with some vocal opponents of the Man Of Steel unhappy with the immense power he possesses. Hence with a graffiti of ‘False God’ sprayed on the monument’s chest by a disgruntled Wayne Enterprise Employee, the stage is set for Superman to make his triumphant return and show the world they still need him!

The Master Craft series continues the tradition of craftsmanship with a highly coveted release of the Superman memorial statue. The recreation of the monument is handcrafted to perfection, depicting a tired, yet strong soul. Using special metallic-like paint, the statue is recreated in all its glory, in addition to a special feature where the graffiti paint can be illuminated using a purple light torch.

Cited from Beast Kingdom

This is a limited edition piece, which is limited to 3,000 pieces worldwide. It stands at 40cm stall and approximately 31cm wide and is priced at $249.99. Personally for what you get I think that is an acceptable price and I look forward to adding this piece to my very own collection.

The Beast Kingdom Superman Statue is expected to release in April 2022, yes it’s quite a wait but based on what I’ve seen here, totally worth it. You can secure yours now by pre-ordering from the Beast Kingdom website.

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