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FILM REVIEW: The Suicide Squad

The Suicide Squad released in UK cinemas this week and hits US screens next week. What is the most important word that comes to mind when you think about The Suicide Squad both on page and screen? For me, its unpredictability. Not knowing that which lurks around each corner and who will be alive to see it is crucial when crafting the perfect Task Force X tale. Well, I am happy to report that The Suicide Squad delivers unpredictability by the truck load and so much more besides.

Please note that this reviews DOES NOT contain any spoilers.

This ethos filters down throughout the movie via chief architect, writer/director James Gunn who is synonymous with being predictably unpredictable. By now we all know via Gunn’s previous efforts that we are going to receive an eclectic cast, killer soundtrack and lived in world to play in. Most of all we go into a James Gunn movie knowing that anything is possible. This is often attributed to Gunn’s love of obscure characters and storylines that he himself has grown up loving. This can all be said about The Suicide Squad. 

The Suicide Squad Review | The Aspiring Kryptonian
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The movie itself is very simple and doesn’t insult the audiences intelligence when laying the ground work for The Suicide Squad itself. It takes mere seconds for Amanda Waller to recap the purpose and parameters Task Force X are required to work in. This is of course due to the audiences familiarity with the concept established back in 2016’s ‘Suicide Squad’. 

After being introduced to the latest roster of Task Force X we are off to the races as our team makes land fall upon the fictional country of Corto Maltese. Their mission is to infiltrate and destroy the secrets contained within a notorious weapons facility known as Jotunheim, however things don’t go quite according to plan. It’s these events that sees our characters truly shine as they bicker and eventually grow as a unit. 

The cast ensemble featured in this movie is truly inspired. From house hold names like Idris Elba and Margot Robbie to cult favourites such as Nathan Fillion and Michael Rooker, everyone plays their role so well. The chemistry between Bloodsport and Peacemaker played by Idris Elba and John Cena respectively is awe-inspiring to say the least. Their bickering and one-upmanship is a real high light of the film for me. This has to be John Cena’s best performance to date, likewise with Joel Kinnaman who is criminally underrated in my opinion. This is the actors finest outting to date as he really gets to stretch his acting muscles aswell as action hero credentials.

The Suicide Squad Review | The Aspiring Kryptonian
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Portuguese actress Daniela Melchior who is no stranger to DC Comics lore, currently starring in Doom Patrol really brought a sense of warmth and heart to the team. Her bond with King Shark and later Bloodsport really created a sense of family and loyality within the group which of course increases the stakes and danger. 

As for Margot Robbie, she is Harley Quinn. Robbie is the driving force behind Harley and establishes with each outing new facets to her character. This is her most badass, violent portrail to date while still being able to uphold her charm and charisma. This is definitely a much more balanced and even appearance for Harley than in her previous Squad outing. Most of the movies laugh out loud moments eminate from Harley and her unique humor. 

The action and violence in this movie is dialled all the way up to ten. It’s hard to keep count of all the gruesome, bloody deaths perpetrated throughout. However, at no time does it feel over the top or done for the sake of it. Every strike, shot and explosion feels functional and precise, whilst always moving the team and story forward. The widespread panic and destruction has the same feel and scope as Man of Steel, in the sense that it really feels like there are civilian lives at stake.

The Suicide Squad Review | The Aspiring Kryptonian
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The Suicide Squad feels very practical in its effects and settings. Of course CGI is used but only when nothing else will do. The costumes in this movie are a mixture of what we have come to expect from the modern comicbook genre aswell as more comic accurate looking attire found in shows like ‘The Boys’ and ‘Jupiters Legacy’. Bloodsport for example is sporting tactical looking gear that would fit right in with the real world while Javlin, Polka-Dot Man and Mongal look as if they are ripped straight from the comics. 

The music featured in this movie is quintessential James Gunn, as always the music fits the tone of the movie perfectly. It will have you googling the artist as sure as it will remind you of the movie and the scene it featured in days after viewing. 

The Suicide Squad is easily one of my favourite comic book movies to date and another win for the DC Movie universe. James Gunn has truly captured lightening in a bottle when he assembled this group of actors and paired them up with his audacious story and villain who very few have heard of. This is testament to James Gunn, who I’m sure is one of only a few who could cultivate such a story and make it a success around a villain as obscure and quirky as this. 

The Suicide Squad is OUT NOW in UK cinemas and will release on August 5th in the US.

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